Department News

Last Friday, the CFAC hosted their annual Alumni meeting that included department chairs and their respective alumni representatives.  Ian Puente and Scott Eckern represented media arts and theatre. One of the main focuses of the meeting was to discuss plans for the HFAC 50th Celebration, which will take place on April 3, 2015.  The college is reaching out to alumni in every department and preparing a special magazine that will give some history as well as looking forward to the future.  Tom Lefler, who represented TMA, reported about several things TMA will be doing as part of the celebration.  First of all, the 2014-15 theatre season includes Our Town, which was also performed for the first theatre season here in the HFAC.  In addition, as part of the college’s effort to engage with alumni, Ian Puente introduced a series of media arts initiatives that will increase contact between current media arts students and alums in their career areas of interest.  The final college celebration will be an arts fair event in April that will include performances and arts experiences throughout the HFAC.  Watch for more information on these upcoming celebrations! 2014-15-season-brochure-cover-242x174


Since the beginning of Fall Semester, our department has been attending the university forums and devotionals as a group. Each Tuesday, Theater and Media Arts students and faculty go to portal F, section 6, and receive buttons that can be redeemed for tasty treats.  We have had faculty members Dean Duncan and Megan Sanborn Jones host the past couple of Tuesdays, and tomorrow Mary Farahnakian will host the forum with Dr. Vali Nasr, Dean of the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, a leading expert on the Islamic World and Middle East policies.   Amy invites everyone to join us!  Meet at 10:45 am at the TMA Office to walk over, or just meet us at Portal F, section 6.  And remember to get your “button” from Amy.


Rough Cut, which was sponsored by the Student Film Association (SFA), was held on Friday, Oct. 17,  from 7 – 8:30 pm in the Nelke Theatre.  Around seventy students attended.  The purpose of Rough Cut is to give students an opportunity to have their films screened in front of an audience.  All films had to be 7 minutes or less, and no one could submit more than 2 films.  Twenty-seven films that ranged from animations to fiction to music videos to experimental were screened Friday night.  Submissions were open to any BYU student, not just media arts students.  The audience voted for the award winning films that included an audience choice award,  (given to  “Secrets,” submitted by Willem Kampenhout) and two runners-up  (“Maize” and “Fettuccine Alfredo,” both submitted by Hunter Phillips).  There was even a pumpkin carving contest that had the only two pumpkins submitted splitting the grand candy prize!  Rough Cut has a much more casual atmosphere than the end of year festival sponsored by SFA, Final Cut.  Melissa Lee, president of SFA said,”Rough Cut provides a great opportunity for students to test screen films without having to go through a selection and judging process. Final Cut, which we host in April, is a much more competitive festival. We had a great time, Friday night, watching each others’ films.”


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