Department News (11-4-13)

yourcocoonandyouIn last Thursday’s forum, Media arts held its first critical conversation exchange where students and faculty responded to the capstone project, “Your Cocoon and You.”   The panel included  Sharon Swenson (critical studies),  Tom Russell (production),  Dallin Cerva (director),  and Rhonda Grey, (producer).   After screening the film, the panel discussed elements of the film for the remainder of the forum.  Although they did not take questions from the audience, they did ask other team members who were in attendance about some of the elements in the film.  We felt this was an excellent first try. There will be another conversation in a few weeks about the capstone, “Weeping.”  These critical conversations are part of a three-fold capstone project unveiling and evaluation, which include the cast and crew screening, the critical conversation about the film at a forum, and the Final Cut Screening.   We invite you to join us in future conversations!


On the Theatre side, Mary Farahnakian and Janet Swenson hosted a theatre forum that included a monster makeup fashion show from the TMA 367 class, a zombie makeup demonstration on camera, and a create-a-Halloween costume contest, complete with Halloween candy and yummy donuts.  Later that night the Student Theatre Association hosted a Halloween Party in the Margetts.  Ghoulish fun was had by all!


snow geeseBarta Heiner traveled to New York the last weekend of October, saw two shows, and talked to several BYU alums in the area. She saw The Snow Geese with Mary-Louise Parker and recommends it thoroughly— excellent design in the set and costumes, superb acting and directing. She also saw an interesting production of Chekov’s The Seagull, set in Ireland in which Slate Holmgren was a member of the cast.  In speaking with BYU alums in the area, Barta learned that they felt the training here was very valuable. However, when asked what we could do to improve they agreed that they would have liked to have had more instruction on auditioning for film and an advanced acting for film class.


Jennine Hollingshaus, one of our adjunct make-up faculty, did some fun Halloween makeup on BYU’s athletic director, Tom Holmoe.
holmoeFor more fun photos of Halloween costumes on BYU campus, go to BYU’s Facebook page.


Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 5.25.07 PMAmy Jensen was in Philadelphia working on the revision of the Core Principles of Media Literacy Education. The Core Principles were originally established in 2007 by the National Association for Media Literacy Education. The CPMLE are being updated to reflect changes in technology and discourse in the field.


kruegerbarberBrad Barber’s wife, Susan Krueger-Barber was commissioned by the Mormon Artists Group to do paintings for poet Tyler Chadwick’s newest publication, Field Notes on Language and Kinship. All of the original artworks are sold out, but a few copies of the limited edition of the book are still available ($150). A paperback edition of Field Notes on Language and Kinship can be purchased on ($14.95). Tyler Chadwick is one of the leading scholars on contemporary Mormon poetry. In this volume, the author uses poetry as a launching pad for new poems of his own, musings on historical poetry, new works by LDS poets, and personal writings. These field notes are presented in an unusual structure of entries and responses from Chadwick. Visit Susan’s site at for a closer look at all of the images.



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