Department News (11-18-13)

Alison Dobbins-01Film Maker and Projection Designer Alison Dobbins will be visiting Brigham Young University from November 20 to November 22 to present workshops and discussions on the integration of digital media with live performance. This is a great opportunity for new media artiststheatre designers, and live performance directors to hear about the growing field of projection design. The schedule of events is available at Alison is currently the head of Design and Technology and an Assistant Professor of Integrated Media Performance Design at Michigan State University. She received her M.F.A. in Digital Cinema from National University and her A.B. in Mathematics from Oberlin College. Alison is a motion graphics artist interested in documenting and exploring new ways of presenting creative activity as a projected performance art. Visit her website at


dante's hamletBabetta Kelly and Brynn Zimmer’s capstone film, Dante’s Hamlet, was accepted into the San Diego Black Film Festival. The film recently won five student regional Emmys. Jeff Parkin commented, “It’s a nice tribute to the film that African Americans feel it has something to say to their community.”


Last week Wade Hollingshaus moderated a discussion at the theatre forum that included approximately fifty students and faculty. The panel started with four students and four faculty members seated around a table. Panel members included David Morgan, Julia Ashworth, Tim Threlfall and Wade. Student panelists included Bianca Dillard, Logan Hayden, Haley Flanders, and Adam White. If students wanted to make a comment, they would tap someone and take his/her place at the table. The students and faculty discussed the relationship between the Gospel, university education, and theatre.


In the media arts forum, approximately fifty students and faculty attended a screening and open discussion of “Eugenie,” a film that came out of the Writers’ Block class. Tom Lefler and executive producers Tom and Courtney Russell led the discussion. Amy Leah Nelson Smith, who supervised the production design (a large component of the film), also took part in the discussion. Others on the production team include Davey Morrison (writer and actor), Becca Ingram (actor), Kohl Glass (director), and Jennie Brown (producer). The students and faculty discussed the theme and purpose of the film.


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