Department News (11-25-13)

Happy Thanksgiving!


AlisonDobbinsLGVisiting scholar Alison Dobbins, with her infectious enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge and experience, was a delight! While she visited BYU on November 20, 21, and 22, she presented an introduction to media design workshop (two sessions, with approximately 15 students and 5 faculty/staff), and a process for media design for productions workshop, working on the upcoming production Our Town, which is being directed by Stephanie Breinholt. This workshop included 10 students, including actors that were being filmed.Alison encouraged us to integrate the media design into the production process as soon as possible. During the forum on Thursday, which was presented to approximately 60 theatre and media arts students and faculty, Alison showed some of the amazing options that media design can be used for. Alison also participated in a discussion on the media design process and on her research in interactive media design. She heads a lab at Michigan State that experiments with and designs media. Her team includes computer programers, media specialists, dancers and choreographers. Alison said she had a great time and loved working with the students. Special thanks go to Michael Kraczek who arranged for the intensive and Kyle Stapley who arranged for the media equipment set up in the Margetts. 


Media arts student, Stephen Nelson, is directing a capstone documentary called “6 Till Engaged,” a film in which he explores dating  at BYU and in the Mormon culture. The premise of the film is Stephen’s quest to find a serious, committed relationship within six months. Last week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, they put up a “confession booth” in Brigham Square, in which Stephen asked students to describe some of their dating experiences. The film, due to be released sometime Winter semester, is being produced by Cassie Hiatt; the kickstarter campaign for the film was filmed at Jordan Petersen’s wedding this summer. Brad Barber, Amy Jensen, and Tom Lefler are executive producers.  To see the Kickstarter campaign at


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