Department News (12-16-13)

photoWho were those actors in Christmas Around the World: See the Wonder last weekend? Our own associate dean, Rodger Sorensen, and TMA students Logan Hayden and Megan Michaels were featured in the story which framed the BYU International Folk Dancers annual Marriott Center performances. For the past three years, Teresa Love has collaborated with CAW Artistic Director Jeanette Geslison to create a story vs. recital format for the venerable production. This year’s story centered on a world weary photo journalist (played by Hayden) who was challenged to find the relevance of Christmas. Over 400 dancers participated. The show featured not only Euro-centric dances, but dances from India, Israel, and Iran. Michaels also contributed to the script, and worked as a sort of “2nd unit” director, helping dance students create a realistic village town square atmosphere. In addition to the thousands of ticket holders who attended the performances, nearly 6,000 local school students enjoyed a special children’s matinee which Hayden and Michaels emcee’d. And the whole shebang was SM’d by TMA student Crysta Powell.


Congratulations to TMA! Thanks to all your hard work since last March, the Academic Unit Review Report has been completed. The onsite visit from outside reviewers will be on January 30 and 31, 2014. If you’d like a copy of the report, please email Elizabeth, and she will send it to you.


Last week, the Media Arts forum featured a screening and critical discussion about student film “Weeping,” written and directed by Jacob Lee Johnson.  About 45 students attended. The panel, introduced by Tom Lefler, included Jeff Parkin (faculty advisor), Benjamin Thevenin (critical studies faculty), Jacob Lee Johnson, and Elizabeth Weagel (critical studies student). The discussion centered on the message and the intended audience for the film.


The Theatre forum featured a discussion led by Lindsay Livingston about internship possibilities for theatre students. Students were encouraged to think about the area of theatre they were interested in going into and then researching internships in that area online. For instance, students interested in playwriting could apply for internships at institutions that have strong playwriting programs or summer workshops. They were encouraged to make lists, check out internship possibilities and then talk to their faculty advisors about their recommendations. Then, they should apply! Students who planned to receive credit for internships should contact Kyle Stapley BEFORE the internship starts.


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