Department News (2-4-14)

The BYU Theatre 2014-15 Season has been announced. Please click here to download the schedule.


This week marks the 13th annual LDS Film Festival at the Scera Center for the Arts in Orem. Founder Christian Vuissa will host the festivities that begin the evening ofWednesday, Feb. 5.  Many TMA and BYU alums  and current students are participating, including Adam Abel, Adam Anderegg,  Alisa Anglesey, Rob Au, Garrett Batty, Anne Black, Micah Brown, Brandon Christensen, Travis Cline, Calvin Cory, Davey Morrison Dillard, Derek Dunn, Travis Eberhard, Jason Faller, Scott Freebairn, Kohl Glass, Kynan Griffin, Elizabeth Hansen, Katie Bogner Hill, Brandon Ho, Becca Ingram, J. Christian Jensen, Willem Kampenhout, Ian Kelly,  Tess Kelly, Zach Kempf, Ryan Little, Nathan D. Lee, Lyvia Martinez, Boston McConnaughey, Whitney McDonald, Jace Nava, Maclain Nelson, Bryce Randle, Joseph Reidhead,  Christian Sampson, Jonas Sappington, Jacob Shamy, Nola Smith,  Sarah Swan, Anne Sward-Hansen, Arthur Van Wagenen, Christian Vuissa, Kendall Wilcox, Scott Winn, and more.  Two TMA student capstone films will be screened, including  7295, written and directed by MarSchelle Walker and produced by Julia Glausi and “Mirror Portrait,”written and directed by Derek Dunn and produced by Mariana Garcia.  Several Comms faculty will participate, including Kevin Kelly, Doug McKinley, and Robert Walz.  Three TMA faculty will present films, including Dean Duncan and Tom Russell’s Home Moviesand Jeff Parkin’s Pretty Darn Funny:  Season Two.  For a complete schedule of events, go to


Last Thursday and Friday, the TMA department participated in onsite interviews for their Academic Unit Review.  Every full-time faculty member and several committees were interviewed by six reviewers.  Two reviewers came from off-campus:   Joan McGettigan from TCU, who  reviewed media arts, and Mary Karen Dahl from Florida State University, who reviewed theatre.  There were four faculty from BYU on the internal review team: Lin Sherman from Humanities, Bob Gardner from the School of Business, Michael Rice from Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Roni Jo Draper from the School of Education.  Kristie Seawright coordinated the review for the university.  The reviewers toured the theaters and media arts labs and were able to attend the opening night of Cymbeline.  Thanks to the whole faculty who contributed to the report and helped with the review.


 This year, four media arts students, Kelyn Ikagami, Hunter Phillips, Elizabeth Weagel, and Jared Jakins took part in the Windrider forum together with faculty advisor Brad Barber.  Students who are recommended by BYU attend the forum meetings, screen films at the Sundance Festival, and participate in panels and discussions together with students from Fuller Seminary, Pepperdine University, and several other Christian theology and film programs.  TMA alum Christian Jensen spoke to the forum on Monday and showed his film White Earth, which was screening at the Slamdance Film Festival.  On Friday, Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) spoke to the Windrider forum about his new film, Son of God.  The film was screened at the LDS Stake Center in Park City.   Here’s a video Windrider made from last year’s group:


On the 17th of January at 7:30PM, after a year-long hiatus, 24 Hour Theatre, sponsored by the Student Theatre Association, fired up its engines and five playwrights met to draw titles to the 10 minute plays they would create in the following 12 hours. Some had finished by 3AM, while others labored through the night sending in their plays mere minutes before the 7:00AM deadline. At 7 am, five directors received copies of their scripts and met one hour later with their casts to begin a rehearsal period. The companies rehearsed throughout the day, switching rehearsals spaces every few hours, thusly allowing each company an opportunity to rehearse in the Nelke where they would later be performing. At 6:30PM, compliments of the Theatre Department, all enjoyed a delectable dinner of pizza and goodies as each group took turns running a quick tech rehearsal to ensure beauty and flow of lighting and sound cues. The curtain went up at 7:30PM for the first performance and 9:00PM for the second. Somewhere between 100-150 audience members attended the event, as did everyone involved in its production.   Plays and casts are as follows:.

Special thanks go to Michael Kraczek, Rene Helfert, and the Student Theatre Association.


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