Department News (4-1-14)

Saturday, March 29, was the 3rd Annual Filmed in Utah Awards. TMA was well represented. Pretty Darn Funny was nominated for 10 awards and won three of them, including Best UTuber channel, Best Ensemble Cast with TMA graduates Brian & Alison ClarkRenee CasatiKathryn Laycock LittleJourdan Lance Strain, also BYU grads and faculty: Lisa Valentine ClarkChris ClarkAnne Sward Hansen;Jeremiah Parkin, and Jeff Parkin won Best Director! Click here to hear his acceptance speech. Other BYU/TMA-associated nominees included Missed Connections,which received nine nominations; written by Joseph Reidhead (TMA grad), produced byJ.R. Andrus (BYU grad), directed by Brandon Ho (TMA grad). Click here to view the full cast and crew. The Saratov Approach with Garret Batty (TMA grad) as the writer and director, received 14 nominations; and won six of them. The production featured lots of BYU grads, including McLean Nelson (George’s son) as the star and producer. A. Todd Smith (MA grad, Mr Bellpond) presented several awards because he won last year, as did his wife, Amy. Click here to view the full list of all the nominees.


TMA Hosted a day of workshops with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company who work with Handspring Puppets Company last Thursday, March 27. The Bristol Old Vic Company is one of the oldest continuously performing theatre companies in the world. Thirteen members of the company presented four different workshops and a forum for approximately 150 theatre students. On Friday, about thirty people from BYU went up to see their puppet production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the University of Utah. The company was especially helpful to the cast and directors of the upcoming production of the Selfish Giant. Special thanks to Jeff ParkinJennifer Reed, and Amy Jensen, who made arrangements for the workshops. David Morgan said, “It was fascinating. The workshops included things that should and shouldn’t be done to make puppetry work. The company expressed how puppetry requires a lot of commitment, almost like religion, because of the hard work and the pain of the positioning.”


This is the last week of performances for Pride and Prejudicedirected by Barta Lee Heiner. The department is hosting two outside reviewers for the lighting design, which was created by Michael Kraczak. Those reviewers are Gary Benson from BYU- Idaho andBrett Harwood from the University of Idaho. The reviewers will be interviewing production personal and will respond with a written review.


Last weekend, March 26-29, was George Nelson’s production of Single Wide with music and lyrics by Jordan KamaluGeorge, who was also the playwright of the production, would like to thank everyone who helped and everyone who came to the performances. He is also grateful for the department’s support of new work this semester. George has sent Single Wide in for consideration for the National Alliance for Musical Theatre conference in the fall. Everyone hopes that the work will have the opportunity for further development and performances in other venues.



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