Department News (4-16-14)

Final Cut Awards  

  • Best of Fest: “Weeping” Written and Directed by Jacob Lees Johnson, Produced by Lauren Laws
  • Outstanding Commercial: “Sticky Situation” Directed and Produced by Nick Dixon
  • Outstanding Non-fiction: “Ghosts on the Mountain” by Jared and Carly Jakins
  • Outstanding Fiction: “Weeping” Written and Directed by Jacob Lees Johnson
  • Outstanding Animation: Tie – “Owned” Directed by Wesley Tippetts and Daniel Clark, Produced by Daniel Clark AND “Christmas in L.A.” Directed by Kelli Loosli, Produced by Cassie Hiatt, Tom Lefler, and Kyle Stapley

 Mayhew Playwriting Awards 

  • Mayhew Playwriting Award: 10-minute play, Comedy: Amberly Plourde
  • Mayhew Playwriting Award: 10 minute play, Dramatic: Amanda Nelson
  • Mayhew Playwriting Award for One-act Play:  Taylor Peck
  • Mayhew Playwriting Award for Full-length Play:  Ted Bushman

Mayhew Screenwriting Awards 

    • Mayhew Award for Short Screenplay Award – 1st Place: Jake Duerden
    • Mayhew Award for Short Screenplay Award – 1st Place: Joshua Contor
    • Mayhew Award for Short Screenplay Award – 2nd Place: Chad Gravaliese
    • Mayhew Award for Feature Screenplay – 1st Place: Martha Rallison
    • Mayhew Award for Feature Screenplay – 2nd Place:  Hunter Phillips

Media Arts Student Awards

Aperture Media Journal Awards

  • New Media
    • Second Place: Elisabeth Weagel for “Home”
    • First Place: Chris Workman for “What is Music”
  • Features
    • Second Place: Scott Raia for “The World Forgetting by the World Forgot”
    • First Place: Josh Randall for “The Believing Bartender”
  • Screenplays
    • Second Place: Jake Duerden for Ben and Sarah
    • First Place: Nick Dixon for Mine
  • Exceptional Citizen in Media Arts Critical Studies: Elisabeth Weagel and Kelyn Ikegami
  • Exceptional Citizen in Media Arts Non-Fiction: Bobbie Lee and Nathan Christofferson
  • Exceptional Citizen in Media Arts Fiction: Colten Ashley
  • Animation’s “You Done Good Kid Award”:  Carson Crawford
  • Media Arts Exceptional Employee Nominees: Gregory Barnes, Jordan Hunter, Martha Rallison, Annie Krueger, Joshua Dunn, Melissa Lee, Jarom Cowan, Hunter Phillips, Cassie Hiatt, Josh Hall, Peter Walton, Whitney Taylor
  • Media Arts Outstanding Student Awards: Nick Dixon, Martha Rallison, Derek Reinhardt, Scott Raia, Cassie Hiatt, Jordan Hunter, Gary Groth, Rhonda Gray

Theatre Student Awards

  • Outstanding Theatre Critical Studies Student: Adam White
  • Outstanding Stage Management Student: Hannah Richardson
  • Outstanding Playwriting Student Award: Amanda Nelson
  • Excellence in Costuming Award: Ashley Cook
  • Excellence in Lighting Award: Graham Whipple
  • Excellence in Makeup and Hair Award: Julie Adams
  • Excellence in Sets Award: Mckenzie Ottley
  • Excellence in Sound Award: Michelle Ohumukini
  • O. Lee Walker Beginning Design/Tech Award: Logan Hayden
  • O. Lee Walker Advanced Design/Tech Award: Shannon Hensley
  • Outstanding Directing Student Award: Taylor Peck
  • Most Outstanding Traditional Production in a Mask Club for “Seussical”: Kristen Leinbach
  • Most Outstanding Experimental Production in a Mask Club for “Hamlet”: Matthew Fife
  • Most Outstanding Traditional Production in a Mask Club for “The Yellow Boat”: Darci Lund
  • Most Outstanding Experimental Production in a Mask Club for “The Real Housewives of Libby, Montana”: Rick Curtiss
  • Service to Theatre Education: Kristen Chatteron and Ellen Williams
  • Outstanding Acting Student Award: Mallory Gee and Karli Hall
  • Outstanding Music Dance Theatre Student: Michael Milkanin and Kim Olsen Bunker
  • Outstanding TMA Office Employee: Gabby Martinez
  • Outstanding Theatre Arts Employee: Ben Isaacs
  • Outstanding Student Finalists: Adam White, Sam Bostwick, Hannah Kroff, Jacob Shamy, Laura Taylor
  • Outstanding Theatre Student for 2013-14: Carson Wright

Lara Beene recently received the the School of the Arts Faculty Excellence Award for adjunct faculty from the Utah Valley University.  Congratulations to La!  She says, “It was nice to be acknowledged.”  And the recognition also it came with a monetary award, which is always appreciated.


Mary Farahnakian and student Rebekah Jackson attended the Costume Society of America Southwest Region conferencein Phoenix, Arizona this past week.  Rebekah is a sophomore at BYU in the Design and Technology emphasis who was also the assistant costume designer on Pride and Prejudice.   She presented at the conference.  Her presentation, which was mentored by Mary, was called  A Simple Suit, inspired by Hollywood costume designer, Edith Head.  She had received an ORCA grant to prepare the presentation as well as Fulton funds to travel to the conference.  Rebekah was awarded membership in the national Costume Society of America organization.  Mary reports that the conference was excellent.  Her friend Deborah Landis, a Hollywood costume designer and past president of the costume designers union who guest lectured at BYU a few years ago, was there.  The presenters showed historic costumes from Hollywood films.


This last week a group of students from the Media Arts Labs and Kyle Stapley went down to Las Vegas to attend the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual convention. While down there they were able to look at the newest technologies in the film and television world which will help them to make informed suggestions to the faculty in the department in regards to future technology and hardware purchases. They noticed the shifting trend in the industry towards higher resolution mastering, as well as alternative methods for acquiring an image and working with that image from beginning to end including refined processes. In the new all digital workflows that come with shooting digital things are always changing. There is always something new that needs to be learned, or something old to be adjusted. While this makes the art of filmmaking more challenging it was a great experience for them to see the ways that the industry is shifting to better help other students make the shift from academia to a career.



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