Department News (6-30-14)

We congratulate Julia Ashworth on passing her third-year review and being awarded candidacy for continuing faculty status.  Julia’s three scholarship examples include: A Thousand Cranes (2010), a theatrical production based on the true story of Sadako Sasaki, The Hundred Dresses (2012), which included a 6-week exhibit in the atrium of the Harris Fine Arts Center of dresses collected over the course of the semester and a play devised from the stories of many different types of immigrants, and finally, Young Company Artistic Director (2008-present), for which she worked as the artistic producer for the outreach performing group.


The Cokeville Miracle shoot wrapped up last weekend.  The producer and Director of Photography is TC Christensen.  Many TMA alums and friends participated in the shoot, including the following:
Joel Remke (Media arts alum)                    1st AC
Byron Kirkland (Media arts alum)               2nd AC
Gabe Spencer (BFA alum)                          Art Intern
Tara Starling  (MDT alum)                           Makeup
Kym Mellon   (MDT alum)                            Doris Young (one of the lead bad guys)
Barta Heiner (TMA faculty)                          Verlene Bennion
Josh Cooper   (BFA alum)                            Matt Hubbard
Jillett Crowther Dayton (MDT alum)          Tina Cook, the school secretary
Chris Clark (Theatre alum and UVU fac)     Kevin Walker, townsperson
Rick Macy (BFA Alum)                                  Cokeville Firemarshall
Stephanie Breinholt (TMA faculty)             High School Principal

Below is a link of a video clip for The Cokeville Miracle. You can see Barta in the background of some of the video and in the stills. She is in the second picture helping a student out the window.

Shawn Stevens, a film and television actor in the 70’s and 80’s who converted to the church and then played “Jimmy” in the touring production of Saturday’s Warrior, plays the bishop in the film.  Shawn worked with Barta many years ago.  After joining the LDS Church in 1977, Shawn had a promising career in Hollywood. Then in the mid-1980s, he was offered a role in a groundbreaking church film that changed his life forever.  Read his conversion story at


The Universe wrote an article about Brad Barber’s documentaries,  Beehive Stories last December entitled “Unveiling the Diversity of Utah through the Lens of a Camera”. His documentary of Iron County received a regional Emmy from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts. In the article, Brad said, “I really believe that making documentaries can help us to be better disciples. We have to empathize and we have to try to understand people who are different than us. I think that is one of Christ’s more important teachings to have charity, and to have charity means we have to have empathy.” Check the whole article out at



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