Department News (10-6-14)

This past weekend, Full Circle, a short film that highlights the Dance Department, was aired between Conference sessions.  TMA alum Blair Treu directed the piece, with current students Cassie Hiatt as production manager andJared Jenkins as a cameraman.  You may have noticed Tom Lefler and Stephen Jones receiving special thanks on the credits of the piece.  Also opening this weekend in theaters everywhere is Meet the Mormons, also directed by Blair Treu.  Other alums and faculty members who worked on this piece are Wynn Hoogard, Kelly Loosli, andBen Unguren.  To see a trailer of the film, go to


 This past week, Barta Heiner, played the part of “Sister Sergeant Major Nedra Rockwell,”  in the upcoming film, Girl’s Camp, written and directed by TMA alum Mclean Nelson and produced by Lisa Valentine Clark.  The story was developed by Mclean and Lisa and another TMA alum, Haley Smith.  Lisa Clark and Amy Ashworth Biedel were also cast in the film.  Barta’s character is the girl’s camp director who happens to be an ex-Viet Nam marine nurse, wears black leather and rides a Harley.  Filming took place in Payson Canyon in 90 degree weather, with Barta in black leather from head to toe.  She had to learn to ride the motorcycle, and only wiped out once, when she lost control of the bike and hit the camp arch.  To view a video clip about the upcoming movie, please go to


Last Thursday, the Student Film Association sponsored a short lecture and screening as part of a series of presentations each semester designed to engage students in critical conversations about film.  Sharon Swenson gave a presentation about Hellboy, a film that was produced after 9/11, during a time when the U.S was grappling with difficult questions about terrorism as well as our own participation in methods of torture at Abu Graib.  Hellboy is part demon and part human, and allows viewers to wrestle with several kinds of ambiguities, perhaps helping us confront difficult social, political, and internal issues through film.  She also talked about the hero’s journey, the way we view heroes, and some possible reasons why there are so many recent  and upcoming films about superheroes.   About 25 students attended.  Sharon led the discussion and then the group screened the film.


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