Department News (10-13-14)

Check out these articles from the university and college news pages:
  • “Meet the Cougars behind Meet the Mormons” article at Meet the Mormons was written, directed and produced by Blair Treu, a former BYU film student who graduated in 1985. Countless other alumni from the College of Fine Arts and Communications were involved in the production of the film.  Other BYU faculty, staff and alumni who worked on the production of the film include David Nielson (Executive Producer), Jeff Roberts (Producer), Wynn Hougaard (Lead Editor), Brian Sullivan (Director of Photography),Ben Ungren (Special Effects), Kelly Loosli (Special Effects supervisor), Travis Allen (Production Sound), Michael Murdock(Title design), Sam Cardon (Composer), David Aller (Digital Image Technologists ), Dave Nauta (Colorist), Dave McDougal (Sound mixer), Alex Simmons (Colorist) and Michael Chadbourne (Sound Mixer).
  • On the main page of the CFAC History page, see the following story about Hunter Phillips, a media arts major.  Phillips finished directing Beyond last month, a full-length feature film serving as the pilot episode to the single-season series. The cast and crew that he directed, aside from a handful of faculty and alumni mentors, was composed entirely of BYU students. For Phillips, this experience was not only a significant responsibility for a large collaborative project, but his first time directing a film. The project was funded by the University Film Committee and completed under the mentorship of Tom and Courtney Russell Hunter’s wiki page on the CFAC History site is available here: Huntersmall


Dante’s Hamlet, written and directed by Babetta Kelly, and produced by Brynn Zimmer, is one of seven finalists in the Shakespeare on Film Short Film Festival. The Second Shakespeare on Film Short Film Competition is a core element of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Shakespeare Film Festival, which has as its patron Sir Kenneth Branagh. The festival is based in Stratford-upon-Avon, the home town of the world’s greatest playwright, and is organized by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  The official selections will be screened in Stratford-upon-Avon on November 5th and 6th, with the winning entry being announced on 6th November at a special screening of the 7 finalists.  Dante’s Hamlet is one of the seven finalists. 


Divine Comedy, which is celebrating their 20th anniversary, performed for four sold out houses this past weekend for their first show of the semester in 151 TNRB.  Students enjoyed a much needed night of relief and laughter from the stress of mid-terms.  The company, with six new members, pitched over 35 sketches, which were then winnowed down to about  25 sketches performed at the tech show last Tuesday.  Students write, rehearse, direct, and perform all sketches.  From there, the group cuts the number of sketches to the top 20, which were performed for their show this weekend.  Each show, the group writes a “headliner” sketch that parodies a recent film; for this show, the headliner was “Guardians of the Goatee,” with a special appearance by the Karl G. Maeser statue.  For a list of the sketch titles with short descriptions, go to the Divine Comedy website at  The group’s second show will take place on Nov. 14, 15 in the Varsity Theatre.  Top sketches from each of these two shows, determined by audience vote, are then performed in December at the “Best of Divine Comedy” shows in the JSB Auditorium. 4322599_orig


The theatre forum on Thursday, Oct. 9, featured Ted Sharon, Head of Performance at SUNY Freedonia.  Ted graduated from BYU in 1996 in Theatre Studies and has choreographed Aladdin and Newsies on Broadway.  He ran into Tim Threlfall on a plane flight, and Tim was able to convince him to choreograph January’s production of The Count of Monte Cristo.  Ted talked to theatre students about his gratitude for his professors here at BYU, some of the things he learned here, including never to say no to an opportunity.  Accept and figure it out.  He related the experience he had with learning what it was he needed to pursue professionally from promptings from the Holy Ghost.  He encouraged the students to work hard, and to enjoy the process of creating, knowing that you will never make it perfect, even though every time, that’s what you strive for.  He counseled the students that when they do the Lord’s work in His church, He will help them do their work professionally.  He knows the Lord has helped him in his career.  Ted will be joining us in December to serve as an outside reviewer for BYU’s production of Our


During the first half of the media arts forum last week, Heidi Vogler from BYU’s Career Center spoke to media arts students about creating a film specific resume.  She gave great tips about formatting resumes and how a professional business resume differs from a film resume.  For the second half of the forum, Kyle Stapley discussed reels and portfolios for media arts students.  Over 50 students attended the forum, which was held in F-201 last Thursday.


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