Department News (1-26-15)

In the coming few weeks, TMA will be hosting three candidates for the faculty position opening in media arts.  The three candidates are Brandon Arnold, Scott Christopherson, and Christian Jensen.  Watch for the interview schedule that will be emailed out sometime this week. All full-time faculty are invited to attend their teaching and research demonstrations.


Over 160 people attended the premiere of By Study, By Faith, a series of stories that highlight women faculty members at BYU, that took place in the Museum of Art Auditorium last Friday evening.  The project includes 10 short documentaries (5-8 minutes each) produced by Amy Jensen and Tom Lefler, and directed by female media arts students, Cassie Hiatt, Melissa Lee, Elisabeth Weagel, Coco Mack, Melody Chow,and Samantha Cope.  The faculty who were highlighted in the videos include Lora Beth Brown, April Clayton,  Julie Crockett, Roni Jo Draper, Renata Forste, Julianne Grose, Carri Jenkins, Camille Fronk Olson, Jenny Pulsipher, and Chantel Sloan.   To see the documentaries, go to, and click on the photo of the person you’d like to see.  The site, which was created by Kyle Stapley,includes the short docs as well as written stories of twenty-five other faculty members.   Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.03.34 PM


The Count of Monte Cristo, directed by Tom Threlfall, opened this weekend in the de Jong Concert Hall to enthusiastic audiences.  The production is already sold out, although rush tickets are available each night for BYU students only (see ticket office for details).  On Thursday night during the dress rehearsal, the lead, Preston Yates, fell and broke his foot just before the intermission.  He was able to finish the show, but went to the hospital directly afterwards.  For a while, no one was sure if he would be able to perform for opening night the next evening.  But with some prayers, a cast and some costume adjustments for the cast, Preston was miraculously able to do the show Friday night and both performances on Saturday. In fact, the opening night audience, which included composer Frank Wildhorn, his guests, and many TMA donors, gave the show a standing ovation.  The musical showcases the vocals and footwork of our top MDT students, directed by Gayle Lockwood as music director and Nathan Balsar as choreographer.  Of special note are the designs of La Beene as costume designer, Rory Scanlon as scenic designer, Michael Kraczek as lighting designer, Mary Beth Bosen and Clenea Kurogi Peterson as makeup and hair designers,Jeff Carter as sound designer, and Daniel Fine as projection designer.  Besides the wonderful performances of our MDT students, some highlights of the production include the special-effects of the pyrotechnics in “Hell to Your Doorstep,” the performance of MDT alum and Broadway veteran Brian Clark as Abbe Faria, and the underwater sequences that meld projections and Flying by Foy.  Much appreciation to production manager Jennifer Reed and stage manager Crysta Powell. One of the most complex and challenging technical productions that BYU has tackled to date, we congratulate the cast, the crew, and all our designers in this top-notch production.   1412-34 584


Please note: Last week we erroneously reported that White Earth, by Christian Jensen, was in the Sundance Film Festival. The film has been in about a dozen film festivals to date, but unfortunately Sundance was not one of those. For a list of the festivals the short has appeared in, visit


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