Department News (3-16-15)

Last weekend the Microburst Theatre Festival, which is made up of seven ten-minute plays written by BYU students, came to a close. The 4th Wall Dramaturgy interviewed the four actors that played the characters in the seven plays. Emily Lyons, Cooper Sutton, Clayton Cranford, and Madison Dennis give their insight as actors for this challenging festival. Emily stated in her interview: “The cast is small and the set is minimal, which means the quality of the performance essentially rests on the shoulders of we actors. Microburst is for workshopping and showcasing these playwrights, so if I don’t do my job, I am doing everyone an injustice. No pressure! Acting in general is both fun and scary. A good performance requires a level of vulnerability from an actor that can be intimidating to provide, but if achieved gives such a feeling of satisfaction.” To read the rest of the actors interviews, visit:


The Winter’s Tale is opening this weekend on in the Pardoe Theatre and will be performing March 20 – April 3. The 4th Wall explains some of the complexities of The Winter’s Tale’s plot by illustrating a part of the play through video game references. The post contains a recreation of how The Winter’s Tale: Battle Royal was performed in Shakespeare’s time using 3D modeling technology. To read this article, visit



Darl Larsen’s book entitled A Book about the Film Monty Python and the Holy Grail: All the References from African Swallows to Zoot is out.  The 632-page book is published by Rowman & Littlefield, and is available online at Amazon.  This is Darl’s third tome about Monte Python. The editorial review on Amazon states: This exhaustive reference identifies and explains the plethora of cultural, historical, and topical allusions in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the first original film by the British comedy troupe. In this resource, virtually every allusion and reference that appears in the film—not just Arthurian life and literature from the Middle Ages, but 1970s Great Britain, and other contemporary cultural touchstones—is identified and explained. Organized chronologically by scene, the entries cover literary and metaphoric allusions, symbolisms, names, peoples, and places; as well as the myriad social, cultural, and historical elements (photos, songs, slogans, caricatures) that populate and inform this film.


This weekend, the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival announced the national awards from the regional festivals.   Brigham Young University’s  Theatre and Media Arts Department received over twenty awards.  A list of all national awards can be found at  Special congratulations go to Stephanie Breinholt and her company’s production of Our Town.
  • Crysta Powell (student) earned first place in the Region VIII Stage Management Competition for her work on The Count of Monte Cristo and will represent BYU at the national competition in April.
  • Amy Castro (student) earned first place in the Directing Competition and goes to nationals in April.
  • Haley Flanders (graduate student) has been chosen as one of four students nationally who will go to the KCACTF National Conference in dramaturgy.
  • Joseph Skousen (student) will be representing Region VIII in the national Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions.
  • Single Wide is the recipient of the Blanche and Irving Laurie Musical Theatre Award; the playwright is George Nelson (faculty) and the composer is Jordan Kamalu (student).
  • Our Town
    • OUTSTANDING DIRECTOR OF A PLAY – Stephanie Breinholt (faculty)
    • OUTSTANDING LIGHTING DESIGN – Mark Ohran (staff)
    •   OUTSTANDING COSTUME DESIGN – Ashley Cook (student)
    • Distinguished Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role- Brittany Stahly (student)
    • Distinguished Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role- Morgan Gunter (student)
    • Distinguished Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role- Jacob Swain (student)
    • Distinguished Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role- Joseph Skousen (student)
    • National Commendation for Achievement in Stage Management- Hannah Richardson (student)
    • National Commendation for Achievement in Performance- Andrew Justvig (student)
    • National Commendation for Achievement in Scenic Design- Travis Coyne (staff)
    • National Commendation for Media, Cinematography, Editing, and Concept – David Jon Banks (student)

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