Department News (6-8-15)

 Last Thursday the new dean, Ed Adams, announced the appointments of Amy Peterson Jensen and Jeremy Grimshaw as associate deans in the College of Fine Arts and Communications. They will replace Rodger Sorensen and Ed Carter respectively.  Amy has been serving as chair of the TMA Departments since 2011. Her new responsibilities as associate dean will revolve around faculty hiring, promotion, funding, professional development, arts education, and research. Jeremy, associate professor,  joined the faculty of the BYU School of Music in 2007 and has been serving for the last three years as the Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies in the BYU School of Music. His responsibilities as associate dean will include undergraduate/graduate student matters including curriculum, assessment, advisement, the college student association, as well as international programs and student funding. Congratulations on your new assignments! Rodger SorensenRandy Boothe, and Ed Carter, who have served as associate deans, will return to their department/schools. We appreciate all the work that they have done and hope for their continued success in the future. jeremy_grimshawAmy-Jensen

TMA Graduate Andrea Gunoe has been accepted to the University of Pittsburgh to get her PhD in Theatre Philosophy. She plans on continuing the research she did as a grad student here at BYU and study the embodiment of war and violence on stage. She will also get to direct on their main stage and teach courses. Congratulations, Andrea, and best of luck to you!

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The 2015 Writers Conference this past weekend at Timp Lodge was nothing short of amazing!  With over sixty students in attendance, all media arts faculty, and many outstanding guests, participants reported that the discussions were life changing.  We  express heartfelt appreciation to Tom Russell, conference organizer; Courtney Russell, co-organizer; Rhonda Gray, gourmet cook;  Kyle Stapley, technology and support guru, and all those who participated.  Student work was read and responded to throughout the workshop.  Special guests Karen Kirkland (Nickelodeon), Studio C writers, Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio (Despicable Me), Carroll Ballard (The Black Stallion), and Terryl and Fiona Givens(The Crucible of Doubt) were all top-notch.  One of the highlights of the conference, and the culminating event, took place on Saturday evening with the discussion of The Crucible of Doubt (which everyone had read) with the Givens, a discussion that left everyone enlightened, lifted, and grateful to have participated. Below are some candid shots of the conference, courtesy of Kelly Loosli.




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