Department News (6-15-15)

We congratulate Stephanie Breinholt and Michael Kraczek who both received the good news this past week that they passed their third year reviews and have been granted candidacy for continuing faculty status.  Stephanie is a full-time faculty member in the BFA Acting program; Michael is in the Design and Technology area of the Theatre Arts Studies program, with a specialty in lighting design.




BYU’s magical production of Princess Academy closed this past weekend.   Almost every one of the performances sold out.  Today’s article is written from the point of view of an audience member and BYU student, Eliza Woolley,  who attended the matinee on Saturday. Eliza reports, “As a fan of Shannon Hale’s book Princess Academy, I’ve been looking forward for weeks to seeing the play. Princess Academy, adapted byLisa Hall Hagen and directed by Megan Sanborn Jones, was a fast-paced romp and entertaining retelling. The cast did well and the sound production, costumes, and set were fitting. The academy princess dress was suitably gorgeous. The goat was funny, even during the Q&A. I enjoyed hearing songs from the book and I laughed often. Overall, the play had a great energy. About three-fourths of the audience stayed for the question-and-answer session with the main creative team behind the play (Hagen, Jones, and the music director/dramaturg, Haley Flanders and the book’s author,Shannon Hale). Most of the questions were directed towards Hale. How involved in the adaptation was she? Not at all, which she is content with; she understands the adaptation process and loves seeing interpretations of her stories. Did she write Fablehaven? Yes, although there’s this guy named Brandon Mull who likes to think he wrote it. What were her thoughts on the production? “I loved it; it was a delight!” And it was!”

1505-27 353 Play Princess Academy publicity May 12, 2015 Photography by: Mark A. Philbrick/BYU Copyright BYU Photo 2015 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322 5920

1505-27 018 Play Princess Academy publicity May 12, 2015 Photography by: Mark A. Philbrick/BYU Copyright BYU Photo 2015 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322 5421


Cynthia Bloodgood (’99)  who graduated from BYU with a degree in Technical Theatre and Design, has worked at the San Diego Junior Theatre for the past nine years, and currently serves as their technical director.  She builds sets, paints, and does lighting for the theatre and helps teach the children theatre tech.  The San Diego Junior Theatre offers camps and workshops for children, ages 3–18.  Students ages 8-18 can audition for shows.  For every two shows a student acts in, s/he must work 1 show as part of a backstage or front of house crew. She is  in the process of developing a curriculum to teach technical theatre to middle and high school students, covering the basics, from building techniques to how to take good photos of their work for a portfolio.  Cynthia visited BYU this past week and had the opportunity of seeing Princess Academy.  She loved it! For more about the San Diego Junior Theatre, go here:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.32.02 AM ·····································

Last week, members of Divine Comedy performed for Camp Hobe (pronounced Ho-bee), a special camp for children who are in cancer remission and their siblings.  The camp was doing a Hollywood week and there was a big Camp Hobewood sign on the hill. One DC member, Kenny Baldwin reported that, “In one of the sketches, two knights duel for a princess, and two volunteers from the audience are the squires who dress the knights for battle. As part of the bit, one of the knights took a mortal blow and his squire had to avenge his death and win the princess. When the camper playing the squire defeated the other knight, the whole camp burst into cheers for him. Knowing all those kids had been through, it was hard not to get emotional hearing them cheer when they saw a fellow camper beat the bad guy.” Another DC member, Bryson Frehner, said, “Performing at Camp Hobe was such an amazing experience. I have never performed for this age group before (6-12) and it was so interesting what the kids laughed at. Looking out at the audience from backstage it was so great to see all the children staring up at the performers with wide eyes and smiling faces. I loved hearing their giggles at the things they found silly.  Children’s laughter is different from what Divine Comedy is used to hearing, but it was great to hear it. It was also great to hear the adults (camp counselors and volunteers) laughing as well. It’s neat to know that our sketches make both children and adults laugh alike.”  For more information about Camp Hobe, go to .

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.34.43 AMScreen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.34.59 AM


At least three of our TMA faculty members and their families have recently bought new homes: Stephanie Breinholt, David Morgan, and Rodger Sorensen.  We thought you might like to see a few of the new homes, and the remodeling plans in progress!

  • Here is the Breinholt’s new home:  A new cedar shake roof, new driveway, refinishing the hardwood floors, restoring the chimney, trim, windows and walls, and painting, and lastly cleaning up the yard and deck in the back.  Kitchen and bathrooms will wait until next year.  We want the exterior to look as close to what it did in 1937 when it was built.  It has a “secret garden” for a backyard.  The little boys approve of “the big house”  but are a bit tired of going over when I am working on it (their most recent activities were putting all of the tools and the dust pan down the vent upstairs-Lucas (2), and Tate (4) continues to sneak outside and climb on top of my car and sing songs to me while I work on the second floor) .  We bought the house 3 weeks ago from our friends, TMA alumni Erin Chambers McKay andCarson McKay who live in L.A. Now.  (Erin is an actress and Carson works for Dreamworks.)  We will move in around the beginning of August.  I am obsessed with KSL classifieds and estate sales right now as I think about furnishing a house 3 times as big as my current little cottage.    It will be beautiful – it is really my dream house-old with a lot of character.  And it will be big enough for another baby, once that happens.  574 East Center Street, Provo.  I will be in Julia Ashworth’s ward whenSteve gets released as bishop.  And fun fact- it is right around the corner from the house in which Steve’s dad grew up .

Stephanie House

  • Rodgerand Claudia Sorensen moved into their new home on March 27. The first thing they did was pull up all floor coverings (mostly old carpets) and window coverings. Next they painted the entire home (all walls and ceilings upstairs and down). Then they moved into the home and lived on bare sub-flooring for nearly six weeks. Then the hardwood was laid May 11-16. Shutters were installed next. Last week the counter tops were replaced. Other than a few odds and ends, the home is basically completed. They have worked very hard getting their home ready!  TheSorensens love their new digs!

Kitchen After[1]Living Room After[1]


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