Department News (9-7-15)

TMA congratulates Wade J. Hollingshaus and Megan Sanborn Jones for each receiving an Alcuin Fellowship this year.  The award recognizes outstanding teacher-scholars whose work at the university transcends the limits of their disciplines and who have made significant contributions to the general education and honors curriculums.  The Alcuin Fellowship, created in 1986, is named after Alcuin of York (c. 730- 802), master of the seven liberal arts and leading figure of the Carolingian Renaissance who brought about far-reaching educational renewal. The Alcuin Fellowship appointments are for three years and include an annual salary stipend and research support funds. Alcuin recipients are part of a fellowship that supports liberal arts education of undergraduate students.
 WadePIC-357x500 MSJones


In case you missed it, we have two new faces in the TMA office! Ruth Bott andMelissa Muir are our newest secretaries for the front desk, so be sure to introduce yourself when you see them.
Ruth is from Kaysville. She likes to run, cook, hike, and play piano.
Melissa is from Salt Lake City and she is studying pre-business. Melissa served an LDS mission in Ecuador and enjoys golfing.


Brad Barber, Scott Christopherson,  and their wives had a great time showing Peace Officer as the featured August film in the Hamptons Film Festival “SummerDocs” series.  The series is co-curated by Alec Baldwin, who moderated the discussion with them after the showing of the film, and then took them all to dinner.  Brad says,  “It was a memorable night, and his questions and insights were incredibly sharp.  We were impressed with how well he knew the film, and he was very generous with us.
  Directors Dub and staff

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