Department News (10-12-15)

The BYU Final Cut Film Festival is just around the corner. The festival will be taking place October 22-23 at 7:00 and 9:00 pm in the Pardoe Theatre. There are 22 films that will be screening.  Final Cut will now be held in October because there are fewer events competing with the festival than their April dates. This will also allow them to show all the student capstones that were made over the last year. Tickets are $4 for students and $5 for the general public and can be purchased at Students with a major card can get $2 off their ticket.



David Archuleta was the guest at this year’s Homecoming Spectacular.  The Marriott Center sold out both nights, with a total of over 18,000 people attending, the highest attendance ever for the shows.  David interacted with all BYU’s performing ensembles;  he sang with Synthesis, Women’s Chorus, CDT, Cougarettes, and Vocal Point.  Highlights included “Nearer My God to Thee” with Vocal Point and “Everybody Hurts” with CDT.  This made for extra excitement and fun for the ensembles and especially for the audience. The show also featured Mindy Smoot Robbins, an MDT alum who had a successful career on and off Broadway.  Mindy also happens to be the great-great granddaughter of Abraham O. Smoot, the founding father honoree.  It was the bicentennial of Abraham O. Smoot’s birthday.  Mindy sang with David during the finale.  Michael Handley is the producer and lighting designer for Homecoming Spectacular;  Janielle Christiansen is the artistic director; Jennifer Reed is the stage manger, and Russ Richins is the scenic designer and production manager.  Students Sarah Barrus and Dayne Joyner served as ASMs.



Kelly Loosli was able to attend Mary Lou Fulton’s services over the weekend.  He reports that the their daughter gave the life sketch, a very young stake president spoke who lived next door to them growing up, and Ira spoke.  Their grand daughter led a beautiful choir, and Ira had copies of Mary Lou’s biography for those who wanted one.  Several people mentioned Mary Lou’s love of birds.  Kelly noticed a definite university contingency, including Matt Holland, President Crow (ASU President), our dean, Ed Adams, Brent Adams and his wife, and John Tanner.  The services were lovely, and the origami notes from our students and faculty were the centerpiece of the luncheon table. Her obituary can be found here.



This past weekend, Divine Comedy had their first show of the semester, with the headliner, “The Hunchback of BYU,” a musical parody of the Disney animation, incorporating film and live performance.  Oldiemoldo, an unmarried 26-year-old has been locked in the carillon bell tower because Frollo, the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, thinks Oldie’s the only student responsible enough to ring the bells on a consistent basis.  Oldie escapes to the Homecoming Dance where he meets a group of students trying to transfer to the Y, including Esmerelda from the U of U.  Unfortunately, she falls for David Archuleta instead, but all ends well when the transfer students receive their acceptance letters and Frollo gets his pink slip.  We learn that non-BYU students get their prayers answered, too, and that it’s all right if you’re 26 and not married. The show sold out for all four performances.  The DC cast includes four new members: Kayla Peel, Alena Helzer, Addison Jenkins, and Dalton Johnson.  The college interviewed each of our newbies in a fun article found at
Last weekend, Water Sings Blue had it’s final show at BYU, but now they are diving into their tour schedule! 4th Wall Dramaturg Spencer Duncan describes the process, “For the next three months, the cast will be performing for thousands of children in Utah, Salt Lake, and Summit counties with a goal ‘to introduce theatre to children at an early age through performances and workshops, helping them to start a lifelong love of fine arts.’ At last count, the BYU Young Company performed for 23,000 children a year!” Read more at

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