Department News (10-23-15)

Jeff Parkin directed a music video on October 10 featuring the BYU Men’s Chorus, directed by Rosalind Hall, the BYU Philharmonic and YouTube star Alex Boye. They performed “Baba Yetu,” more commonly known as “The Lord’s Prayer,”  sung in Swahili. The shoot involved a cast of over 200 students and took place at the top of South Fork in Provo Canyon. Melody Shuss, a recent Media Arts graduate, served as a producer, and Willem Kampenhout, another recent graduate acted as First Assistant Director. A number of current Media Arts students were also involved, including Daniel Kellis, Lauren Van Derwerken, Howie Burbidge, Mike Gordon and Marshal Davis. When completed, the song will appear on Alex Boye’s YouTube channel, which has more than 450,000 subscribers and over 110 million views.

Tonight, October 19 at The Velour, Media Arts Student Melody Chow will be premiering her documentary, “The Sound of Provo.  This documentary series consists of 10 short episodes on the local music scene, comprising of interviews and performance footage from musical acts and supporters like Isaac Russel, The Blue Aces, and the Provo Mayor, John Curtis. This series was directed, shot, and edited by TMA students. The Daily Herald wrote an article that takes a look at Chow’s process for her documentary, and how her relationship with the musicians changed during this project. To see that article, click here.  See the trailer for “The Sound of Provo below.




For a fun Halloween treat, check out Bride of Frankenstein, currently playing a Salt Lake industrial warehouse.  The production is directed by Chris Clark, and the cast features our own Bob Nelson as Dr. Praetorius, “one of the more sinister characters to have graced the stage in recent experience” (Visit Salt Lake). Alexis Boss, who plays Elizabeth, is also one of our acting alumni. The art direction is quite awesome, and Frankenstien’s bride is completely unexpected.  The play is done completely with audio from the 1935 film, so the actors lip-sync to the film, but the scenes are reconstructed, complete with dancers and mood lighting.  For tickets, go here:  Here are some of the fun reviews:  UTBA,, SLUG Magazine.



On Saturday, Oct 17, the makeup program, coordinated by Jennine Hollingshaus, worked in conjunction with the EMS and Nursing Departments on campus to stage a mock earthquake disaster in the Maeser Building. They had over 85 victims with varying injuries from impalement, lower extremity crush injuries and bleeding arteries to internal injuries, bruising and lacerations. The student victims were staged in the dark, throughout the building, under debris and turned over furniture. The EMS students and Nurses then rescued the victims and treated them outside. Our students were praised for their commitment in acting the part and taking it seriously. The EMS and Nursing students were so appreciative as it allowed them to learn valuable skills in dealing with mass casualties. The makeup was also praised and we received high marks from a Nursing instructor who works in the Emergency room at the hospital. A big thanks goes to Clyde Northrup who helped coordinate and provide research. Amazing student makeup artists included: Valeri Day, Sarah Bult, Juliette Lewis, Heather Richardson, Merry Kile De Grawe, Lizzie Mickelson, Katie Wishart, Clyde Northrup, Isabelle Ballard, Jordan Johnson andArianna Krenk.

Coming up for the makeup program:

  • Next Saturday the 24th, makeup students will again participate in providing trauma victims. This time it is for UVRMC Doctor training. We will make up 4 patients who have a variety of injuries, and they will spend about 4 hours at the hospital acting the part and helping doctors perfect their assessment skills.
  • Wednesday the 28th, Sarah Bult and Arianna Krenk will present a Special FX workshop for the Orem High School Drama Club
  • Thursday the 29th, Makeup Students are presenting Special FX victims and other specialty Makeup during the TAGS forum at 11am.
  • Monday November 2nd, Makeup students will be participating with the Museum of People and Cultures to provide face painting for a Day of the Dead Celebration.Unknown-1 Unknown

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