Department News (10-26-15)

The BYU Final Cut Film Festival took place this last weekend, October 22 & 23 in the Pardoe Theatre. Congratulations to the students that were involved! From over 50 submission, below are the awards that were given and the program of the short films that were played.  Also, special thanks to Melissa Lee, President of the Student Film Association, and Kyle Stapley, Media Arts Program Coordinator, for all the work they put in organizing the event.  Over 50 media arts students volunteered during the event.


  • Fiction: “The Surface” written and directed by Willem Kampenhout, produced byKirsten Anderson
  • Non-fiction: “Night Wings” directed by Melody Chow, Edited by Aubrey Clark, Camera: Sterling Elliott
  • Commercial: “F in Faith” directed by Marina Polonskaya, written by Levi Rasmussen, produced by Matt Siemers
  • Audience Choice: “The Surface” written and directed by Willem Kampenhout,produced by Kirsten Anderson
  • Special Recognition:
    • Best Cinimatography: Jared Jakins, “That Old Familuar Spirit”
    • Best Cast Ensemble: “Mother of the year” Directed by Annie Krugerand Josh Weathers, written and produced by AJ Groth
    • Special Judges Award: “Complicated Birth” directed by Neil Reed

Judges included Steve Olpin, Marissa and Torben Bernhard, and Virginia Pearce, Director of the Utah Film Commission.

Program A

  • “Fix You” directed by Matt Moen and Lane Russell, Written by Matt Moen
  • “Beehive Stories: Davis County” directed by Kelyn Ikegami
  • “Chile Fields” written and directed b Rhonda Gray, produced by Andrew Walker
  • “Complicated Birth” directed by Neil Reed
  • “Beyond Teaser” directed by Hunter Phillips
  • “Night Wings” directed by Melody Chow, Edited by Aubrey Clark, Camera: Sterling Elliott
  • “Space Race” directed by Claire Cotton and Colton Elzey, written by Derek Hutchins, produced by Westin Cross
  • “F in Faith” directed by Marina Polonskaya, written by Levi Rasmussen, produced by Matt Siemers
  • “Schedel” directed by Danny Hunt
  • “Phil Delivers” directed by Cameron Babcock
  • “That Old Familiar Spirit” written and directed by Hunter Phillips, produced by Sam Reimer

Program B

  • “The Blue Aces” directed by Melody Chow, edited by Kelyn Ikegami, Camera: Sterling Elliott
  • “Mother of the Year: Pilot” directed by Annie Kruger, written by Aj Groth, and produced by AJ Groth and Westin Cross
  • “Bubbles” directed by Taylor Davis
  • “Mother of the Year: Episode 2” directed by Josh Weathers, written and produced by AJ Groth
  • “Laundry” directed by Danny Hunt, written by Jesse Baird, produced by Alexis Romero
  • “You Have My Attention” directed by Helen Butcher
  • “#INeedHimToo” directed by Addison Jenkins, cinematographer/editor: Bobbie Lee
  • “Before That” directed by Aaron Hinton, Wesley Bowen, Clark Davis, Neeko Funes, Travis Clark, Jesse Fausett
  • “Enmity to Amity” directed by Jase Van Meeteren, written by Jase Van Meeteren and Tree Yager
  • “Where we are Today” directed by Brandon Hemsley, written and produced by John Lane and Brandon Hemsley
  • “The Surface” written and directed by Willem Kampenhout, produced by Kirsten Anderson



TMA announces two thesis defenses coming up this week for two of our graduate students.

  • Robert Bruce Bauer Theatre and Media Arts, MA Title: Resisting the Resistance: The Emancipation of Students from the Hidden Curriculum of Commodified Resistance in Young Adult Dystopian Film Through Open Space and Culture Jamming Committee Chair: Benjamin J. TheveninOctober 30, 2015 3:00 PM in F-550 HFAC.
  • Emily Marie Hess Flinders Theatre and Media Arts, MA Title: A Page of Her Own: How Women Navigate the Public and Private Facets of Blogging Committee Chair: Megan Sanborn Jones October 28, 2015 9:00 AM in F-515 HFAC.


Variety posted the list of 124 documentary films that have met all the qualifications to be considered for the Oscars.  Peace Officer was on the list.  Brad explained that this is exciting because it takes a lot just to qualify for the list.  Films have to play in theaters for a week in Los Angeles and New York, and be reviewed by The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, among other qualifications.  So this is the list of 124 films the Academy will consider when voting for the best documentary.  The list will be whittled down to a shortlist of fifteen, and then a list of five finalists.  So there is a ways to go, but just making the list is a milestone for Brad and Scott’s film.


Lovestruck!, directed by Gary Groth and written and produced by Lauren Laws, has been accepted into the following film festivals:
  • Soo Film Festival (played at an old theatre they are trying to revive; they liked that Lovestruck! had a character who was doing the same thing they are.)
  • Bastrop Texas Film & Music Film Festival
  • LA CineFest
  • North Carolina Family Film Festival
  • EURO LA Film Festival
  • Full Bloom Film Festival
  • ALL LIGHT India International Film Festival
Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.10.29 AM


TMA Alum Greg Whitley returned to Utah Valley last weekend to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular documentary, New York Doll. The Daily Herald wrote that the Provo Film Society did a special screening of the documentary on Friday at the Covey Center for the Arts along with a Q&A with Whitely and a special performance of New York Dolls’ songs by an all-star cast of local musicians, including members of Neon Trees and Fictionist. To see the rest of the article, click here.



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