Department News (11-23-15)

Beauty and the Beast debuted to standing ovations over the weekend! Check out some of the reviews below.

UTBA: “With most of the spectacle stripped away from this production, the important components remain, including the philosophical heart of this play. Beneath the fun songs, the endearing characters, and the dance breaks, Beauty and the Beast asks some of the most important, enduring questions in history: What does it mean to be human?” Read more here:

Daily Herald: “The Music Dance Theater major points out Belle plays a Christ-like figure and Beast plays a person in repentance who struggles to change for the better, and receives help from Belle and others in the castle. Gaston represents a worldly view persistent on reminding people change cannot occur and one cannot self-improve.” Read more here:



Learn how your festival strategy can lead to a successful public television broadcast. Brad Barber and Scott Christopherson will be giving their insights into the strategies for getting your independent film broadcast onDecember 10 at the ITVS (Independent Television Service)  Webinar. They will talk to other filmmakers about their festival strategies and the process for achieving a successful public television broadcast. Filmmakers can register at



 Our condolences to Scott Christopherson and his family. Scott’s mother, Judi Jones-Christopherson, passed away this weekend. Judi was married to Dennis Christopherson who passed away earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.54.35 PM


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