Department News (11-30-15)

There are only 9 performances of Beauty and the Beast left, and less than 50 tickets total available. If you haven’t gone already, don’t miss this amazing production and get your tickets as soon as possible!

Over the break, a number of the cast members had Thanksgiving dinner at George Nelson’s house. The production stage manager, Lindsi Neilson, said that the cast had a fun time participating in a talent show that included juggling, dancing, and dramatic retellings of embarrassing moments. A special thanks to George’s wife, Leslie, for the delicious food.



DON VERDEAN, directed and produced by former BYU Media Arts students Jared Hess and Brandt Andersen will be opening in the Salt Lake City/Provo area this weekend. The movie entertainingly juggles themes of religion and faith, and has an audience-friendly PG-13 rating. DON VERDEAN will open exclusively in the following Megaplex Theatres locations on 12/04:
Megaplex 13 at Geneva IMAX                                   Vineyard, UT
MegaPlex 18 at Thanksgiving Point                         Lehi, UT
Megaplex 20 at The District IMAX                            South Jordan, UT
Megaplex 17 at Jordan Commons IMAX                Sandy, UT
Megaplex 14 at Legacy Crossing IMAX                   Centerville, UT
University Stadium 6                                                     Logan, UT
MegaPlex Pineview Stadium 10                               St. George, UT

Rory Scanlon announces that both his Book of Mormon and Old Testament Costume Resource Guides are now available online through the BYU ScholarArchive system in the Harold B. Lee Library.

The link for the Book of Mormon Costume Resource Guide is:

The link for the Old Testament Costume Resource Guide is:

These are both PDF files that can be downloaded for personal use. Please note that these are abridged versions of longer books Rory is working on for each title. He was also invited to submit these after the article in BYUnews and the recent BYU Magazine. Congratulations, Rory!



Rodger Sorensen recently returned from the University of Alabama, Burmingham, where he conducted a NAST site visit for that university and their theatre program. This was Rodger’s maiden voyage as a NAST representative.  He reviewed the program with J. Kevin Doolen, a professor and department chair from Eastern Illinois University.  Rodgerlearned a lot and enjoyed meeting with the faculty, administrators and students in the program there.


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