Department News 02-01-16

Opening night for Twelfth Night is tumbling in this weekend on February 3. The production, adapted and directed by Megan Sanborn Jones, will perform. Feb 3–5, 10–12 at  7:00 pm and Feb 6, 13, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm in the Nelke Theatre. For plot overviews, song teasers, character descriptions and more, check out 4 Wall Dramaturgy. Other production members include Amanda Welch as choreographer, Julia Ashworth as Young Company producer, Becky Wallin as Young Company managing director, Dayne Joyner as production stage manager, Rory Scanlon as scenic designer, Alyssa Bybeeas costume designer, Sarah Stewart as makeup designer, Scott Jackson as props designer, Christian Riboldi as dramaturge, and Franny Gleave and Karlee Savage as assistant stage managers.



Mary Farahnakian’s 6000-word article on Iranian headwear was completed in December of 2015. The article, (which Mary is very happy to be done with!) will be published in the Encyclopedia of Dress Accessories, formerly of Burg Publishers, but currently with Bloomsbury Publishing Company in London.  She was also invited by the associate editor of DRESS (CSA’s journal), Rob Schulman, to be one of the book reviewers for this publication. The first book they want her to review is called Muslim Fashion, Contemporary Style Cultures, written by Reina Lewis (386 pages). The review will be published in the journal of DRESS  in December 2016.



Filmmaker Jared Hess came to a recent Media Arts forum to discuss his work on the hit Fox comedy Last Man on Earth, starring Will Forte and Kristen Schaal. Jared’s next film, Masterminds, is set to appear this spring, and he and his writing partner Jerusha Hess (and, yes, wife) are working on feature projects for both Nickelodeon and Disney.



The Original Narrative Student Film Festival in Dubai made a public announcement that The Surface, created by Media Arts graduate Willem Kampenhout, was accepted into their 4-day film festival. The directors will also get to fly to Dubai to attend the screenings, workshops and ceremonies. In other news, The Surface won “Best Student Film” at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival. Willem actually met the founder of this festival at Other Worlds Austin, and they spent the next couple days together watching films, talking sci-fi, and becoming friends. “Attending festivals is incredibly rewarding if you make great connections,” Willem said.  To see more information about the film’s success and process, click here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.50.56 AM


George Nelson attended the 2016 National Winter Playwright’s retreat in Creede, Colorado in January. Thirty playwrights from across the country were invited to come and write and read and collaborate. It was amazing in terms of all the expected outcomes, but more important was the contacts that were made. The retreat was part of the Creede Repertory Theatre company and was funded by the HDMG Foundation. For more information about the Winter Writer’s Retreat, click here.


We were pleased to present the return of the Salzburg Marionette Theatre Company this year following their well-received performances in November 2013. This year we presented the U.S. premiere of the company’s production of Peter and the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood in a special school matinee for children on January 27. The company started their U.S. tour at BYU this year and remarked several times at how grateful they were for the kindness and support of the staff here. They also appreciated the staff in Arts Production for helping them repair a few items prior to the start of their performances of The Sound of Music. The company presented a forum for theatre students  last Thursday where company members demonstrated the puppets and audience members got to try them out.  It was amazing to see some of the intricate workings and detail of marionettes up close.



Last weekend was the kick-off for 24-Hour Theatre. Ariana Krenk, president of the Student Theatre Association, gave us a run-down of the event. “At 6:00 pm the writer’s were given the prop (a boombox) and a prompt (“Just one more”) and then they were off to write for the next 12 hours. By 6:30 am on Saturday, the scripts were printed and handed to the directors.” Below are the 24-hour plays that were created and names of the students who participated.

  • Female Friendship: written by Nichole Clark, directed by Daniel Fifield and managed by Matthew Kupferer. Actors: Aubree Lyman, Leah Brandt, andEmily Stephens
  • Saving Grace: written by Zoe Trepanier, directed by Daniel Anderson, and managed by Shannon McGee. Actors: Madeline ThatcherTeagan Clark, andTaylor Robinson
  • For the Love of Jellybeans: written by Andrew Smith, directed by Jacob Baird, and managed by Cameron Cox. Actors: Canute Peterson, Logan Ruesch, andMarion Pack 
  • A Price: written by Jessica Fluegel, directed by Chelsea Mortensen, and managed by Jared Wells. Actors: Emily McCren, Amelia Johnson, Shay Ruesch, and Austen Arts
  • Just One More Foot: written by Ben Cicon, directed by Aubrianna Hockett, and managed by Rebecca Stevens. Actors: Jared Cahoon, Katie Arnold,Christopher Rollins, and Ashley Magoffin.

This was the first 24 Hour Theatre where light changes and sound cues were incorporated. Ariana said that they had a good turn-out and the cast and crew enjoyed the experience.

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