Department News 02-29-16

Below is a list of films in which many of our alums, faculty, and current students are involved with in the 2016 LDS Film Festival, which will take place March 2-5. These are partial credits, to see full credits and the times the films are showing, visit:
  • Singing With Angels: Directed and produced by Brian Brough; Cast, Anne Sward
  • Submariners: Directed by Parker Davis
  • The Other Side of Pride: Directed and produced by Robert Starling
  • The Sun is Heavy: Directed by Jared Jakins
  • Downwinders: Did the Government Kill John Wayne?: Directed and produced by Tim Skousen; DP, Munn Powell
  • Mr. Dungbeetle: Directed by Thomas Russell; produced by Jeff Parkin; DP, Travis Cline; Production Designer, Jonas Sappington; Cast, Stan Ferguson
  • Six Till Engaged: Directed by Stephen V. Nelson
  • Masque: Directed by Robert Hatch
  • Infinite Gift: Directed and produced by Robert Hatch
  • Paradise High: Written by Will McAllister; cast, Patrick Newman
  • The Journey Home: Directed by Garrett Batty
  • That Old Familiar Spirit: Directed by Hunter Phillips
  • The Surface: Directed and written by  Willem Kampenhout
  • Mine: Directed and written by Nick Dixon
  • Just Let Go: Directed by Patrick Parker; written by Vance Mellen; produced by Dan LaPray
  • Joan of Arc: Produced by Scott Swofford; DP,Ryan Little; editor, Tanner Christensen
  • The Abolitionists: Produced and written by Chet Thomas; DP, Tristan Whitman
  • Mythica: The Necromancer: Directed and edited by A. Todd Smith; written by Jason Faller and Justin Partridge; executive producer, Jason Faller, Kynan Griffin, Casey Wilson; cast, Davey Morrison
  • Special Sneak Preview: DP,  Joel Remke
  • Hidden in the Heartland: Directed and Produced by Kels Goodman
  • Lovestruck! The Musical: Directed by Gary Groth
  • The Architect: Directed by Chad Gravallese
  • Adam and Eve: Produced by Davey Morrison; cast, Becca Ingren and Davey Morrison
  • Chile Fields: Directed by Rhonda Gray
  • Elephant and Friends: Directed by Shane Lewis
  • Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made: Directed and produced by Tim Skousen and Jeremy Coon; DP, Tim Irwin
  • Christmas Eve: DP, Ty Arnold; co-producer Steve Lee; cast, Jon Heder
  • Dudes and Dragons: Directed and written by Maclain Nelson, produced by Stephan Shimek and Kristi Shimek; DP, Cammon Randle; production designer, Jonas Sappington



One of the new books reviewed in the new 2016 Winter edition of the Theatre Design and Technology (TD&T) Magazine (a publication of USITT) is a book co-authored by our former MFA student Emily Hoem! The book is Elizabethan Costume:  Design and Constructionby Helen Qizhi Huang, Emily Hoem, and Kelsey Hunt, published by Burlington, MA, Focal Press. Rory Scanlon has a copy of TD&T if you wish to look it over. Her book is reviewed on pages 73-75. (The electronic version of the magazine has not yet been posted.)  The review by  Professor Judy Adamson (Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) states, “…[T]his book is about one production, designed by one designer, and reinterpreted by one draper [Emily Hoem].  As such, it tells a good story.  It actually looks easy to make the Elizabethan costume, and others may find it less daunting than other texts.  I am glad to have this book in my library.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.25.10 PM


Wade Hollinghaus recently returned from a trip in Washington where he was visiting scholar. Here is what he said: “I was invited by the Scandinavian Studies department at University of Washington to teach a session on 19th-century Finnish Theatre and then also present a lecture on Finnish avant-garde performance. The lecture was titled: ³What is Erkki Kurenniemi Thinking?: An Aesthetics of Consciousness.”


Last Thursday, the Media Arts forum was led by Center for Animation faculty Seth Holladay who introduced BYU’s game development program. Holladay described the program, the development process, and some recent projects. Since the program’s launch a few years ago, BYU’s games were selected twice as finalists of E3’s College Game Competition. Holladay expressed a need for more game designers in the program and said that Media Arts students were ideal candidates for these roles. Pitches for next year’s game project will take place at the end of Winter semester. Students interested in pitching a project or otherwise becoming involved in the program should contact Benjamin Thevenin for more information.


The theatre forum last Thursday was all about how to transitioning theatre students into the professional or semi-professional industry. Kyle Stapley, Lindsay LivingstonBrittany Staley, Spencer Duncan, and Stephanie Breinholt were all panel participants that discussed various ways students can get involved and improve their portfolios. The students learned about good networking, opening up to possibilities, finding a space, working in regions other than NY and LA, getting money for theatre projects, the importance of an online presence, a professional looking website, and getting more film experience. To find out more about the details download this month’s BFA Acting Newsletter and check out pages 3-4.

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