Department News 04-11-16

We extend congratulations to Jeff Parkin, area head of the fiction production for his successful applications this last fall for full Professor.  He was informed today that based on the evidence presented in his dossier, he was given his final advancement in rank.



During reading days, there will be a change in the TMA Executive Committee. The department would like to thank Tom Lefler for everything he has done for TMA over the past years. He has served as associate chair a few times during his career, and his contributions have been immense. Tom has agreed to continue as an advisor for EC. His insight and administrative support of the media program will continue to be invaluable. Immediately following the last day of classes, Darl Larsen and Megan Sanborn Jones will begin serving as associate chairs on the EC. Professor Darl Larsenhas been a TMA faculty member in the media area since 1998. He teaches courses in both media writing and critical studies. For the past few years, he has been the chair of the TMA Rank and Status committee. Professor Megan Sanborn Jones has been a TMA faculty member in the theatre area since 2000. She teaches courses in critical studies and theatre directing, and she also directs regularly on our TMA main stage season. Currently she is the TMA Director of Graduate Studies. Both Darl and Megan have been serving on the TMA Advisory Council and also on the Performance Review Committee. They are excellent advocates, and will serve TMA well as associate chairs.
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Peace Officer
received the “Best Film Award” from the Association for Mormon Letters, and other TMA and BYU alum were nominated for awards in the film category includingFreetown directed by Garrett Batty (a TMA alum), Once I Was a Beehive directed byMaclain Nelson (TMA alum and George Nelson’s son), and Christmas Eve directed byMitch Davis (BYU alum). Melissa Leilani Larsen (TMA Alum) also received “Best Play.” Click here to see all the winners and nominees.



Jeff Parkin recently directed and produced another music video for Vocal Point featuring a mashup of 25 hits over 25 years.  Similar to the previous “Newsies” music video, the footage was shot in in one take, and it has received 77,000 views since being released on Thursday. The video has also been featured by KUTV, KSL, Fox 13, and Deseret News. The female star of this music video is Sophia Osmond, the daughter of Jimmy Osmond,and Donny Osmond tweeted the link to his fans over the weekend. Listed below are the TMA students and alum who were involved in the creation of the music video.

Directed & Produced by: Jeff Parkin
Producer: Jared Cardon 
Associate Producer: Babetta Kelly
Choreographer: Nathan Balser 
1st A.D.: Babetta Kelly
2nd A.D.: Jase Van Meeteren
Director of Photography: Jacob Schwarz 
MoVI Mimic Operator: Sean Slobodan 
1st AC: Byron Kirkland 
2nd AC: Lauren VanDerWerken
Key Grip/Best Boy Electric: David Thorpe 
Jib Operator: Matt Siemers
Grips: Jonny Vance, Aurelia Collins, Aaron Hinton, Brenna Empey, Aranzha Aceves, Wes Bowen,
Video DJ: Tess Kelly 
Props/Set Builder: Nat Reed
Art Director: Bronte Campbell
Set Decorators: Steven Olson, Cameron Babcock, Brittany Toolson, Elise Moulton
Motion Artist: Nick Ritter
Wardrobe: Madeline Hall
Vocal Point makeup: Michaela Fordham
Production Assistants: Brett Calkins, Nick Ritter, Joshua Campbell, Anna Thalman, Brandon Carraway
Behind the Scenes 2nd Unit Photography: Nick Ritter
Colorist: Jacob Schwarz 


This semester, Sharon Swenson, has been teaching a class called Inner and Outer Landscapes, an experimental, non-narrative but cinematic exploration of how the physical landscapes around us (domestic and geographical) express the sometimes inarticulate, multi-layered experiences of our inmost selves. The primary focus of the project is finding landscapes and ways to “capture” what they can/do mean—nonverbally.  This semesterSharon is working with the following students: Caitlyn Walton, Jesse Baird, Morgan Akana, Olivia Taylor,and Brooke Thorley, each with a set of perspectives and talents.  They are dedicated to helping create this so-far-unseen work, collaborating to find ways they can contribute to the shaping. Each student in the class is also pursuing an individual “landscape” project—some places, sounds, objects, photographs—that are doorways into the inner landscape marked by experiences and shaped by the winds of spirit and emotion.  A major site for this exploration is Monument Valley, which the class recently visited. To see other sites the class is exploring, visit their blogspot here.

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