Department News 04-18-16

Congratulations to all the students who were recognized at the Media Arts End-of-Year student celebration! Listed below are the awards that were given to the media arts students.

  • Outstanding Media Arts Student Awards: Jessica Marquis Bryant, Bronte Campbell, Melody Chow, Willem Kampenhout, Melissa Lee, Meritt Mecham,and Peter Walton
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Fiction: Matt Seimers, Jarom Cowan,and Nick Ritter
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Non-Fiction: Eric So and Camlyn Giddens
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Critical Studies: Katherine Kendall, Elizabeth Miller, Brittany Vance, and Amanda Barwick
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Writing: Jacob Gibson, Malori Bigler,and Ian Hawkes
  • Special Media Arts Award for Innovation: Malori Bigler
  • Mayhew Screenwriting Award – Web Series: Jacob Gibson for Temporal Family andIan David Hawkes for Jesse Owen’s Adventures in Scriptworld 
  • 1st Place Mayhew Screenwriting Award: Daniel Tu for We the People
  • 2nd Place Mayhew Screenwriting Award: Alexis Kaegi for Peace Room
  • 3rd Place Mayhew Screenwriting Award: Hannah Harper for Mom?
  • Mayhew Screenwriting Award – Feature Film: Jacob Gibson for Dissonance
  • Animation “You’ve Done good” Award: Aubrey Archer
  • Aperture screenplay Award: Mary Leavy for Land Under the Sun
  • Aperture Essay Award: Deidrene Crisant for Canceling the Apocalypse: Globalization Processes in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim
  • Aperture New Media Award: Sam Woodruff for Journey to the States
  • Outstanding Media Arts TA/Employees: Dhane Taylor, Merritt Mecham, Lindsay Kampenhout, Katherine Kendall, Jesse Baird, David Heath, Taylor Lewis, Jessica Bryant, Morgan Akana, Max Carter, Ben Hopkins, Amanda Barwick, Hadley Holyoak, Emily Bade, Colton Elzey, Helen Butcher, Malori Bigler, Hannah Harper, Caitlin Walton, Peter Walton, Lauren VanDerwerken, andMelissa Young



Congratulations to all the students who were recognized at the Theatre End-of-Year student celebration! Listed below are the awards that were given to the theatre students.

  • Excellence in Costume Design: Shannon McCurdy for Beauty and the Beast
  • Excellence in Sound Design: Jacqueline Barrett for Mother Courage and Her Children and Taylor Glad for Beauty and the Beast
  • Outstanding Overall Production: Alyssa Bybee, Jacquline Barrett, Bradlee Hager, Shannon McCurdy, Celia Rivera, and Kristen Watkins for Alice in Wonderland
  • Mayhew Full-length Playwriting Award: Chandra Lloyd for Happy Sadness
  • Mayhew One-Act Playwriting Award: Kristen Perkins for Cycles
  • Mayhew 10-Minute Playwriting Award: Kristen Perkins for Freeze
  • Mayhew 10-Minute Playwriting Award: Jacob Baird for The Longest Shift at Greasy Steve’s
  • Outstanding Mask Club Production: Caitlin Hall for Persephone 
  • Outstanding Mask Club Production: Scott Savage for The King and the Magician
  • O. Lee Walker Outstanding Costume Technician Award: Rebekah Jackson
  • O. Lee Walker Outstanding Makeup Technician Award: Valeri Day
  • Outstanding Acting Student Award: Brittany Stahly and Morgan Gunter
  • Outstanding Directing Student Award: Lauren Wilkins and Amberly Plourde
  • Outstanding MDT Student Award: Devin Neilson
  • Outstanding Playwriting Student Award: Chandra Lloyd
  • Outstanding Stage Management Student Award: Cali Holocombe
  • Oustanding Theatre Critical Studies Students Award: Kristen Perkins and Franny Gleave
  • Oustanding Dramaturgy Student Award: Rick Curtiss
  • Outstanding Theatre Education Student Award: Amberly Plourde
  • Outstanding Theatre Student Runner-ups: Jasmine Fullmer, Shannon McCurdy, Kasey Kopp, Marcella Toronto, Eric Stroud
  • Oustanding Theatre Student Award: Katie Jarvis
  • Outstanding TMA Office Runner-ups: Ruth Bott, Lauren Hanson
  • Outstanding TMA Office Employee: Cassidy Crook 

Check out the Theatre End-of-Year Celebration Video:


This past week, Stephanie Breinholt and our Region VIII KCACTF Irene Ryan Scholarship recipient Johnny Wilson (MDT) and his partner Morgan Gunter (BFA Acting) participated in the National KCACT Festival in Washington D.C.  Stephanie reports that they were kept very busy during the day with workshops in acting, stage combat, voice, and comedy d’el arte.  The three of them were able to visit the national monuments one night and connected with TMA alum David Zobell who is the Education Director of the Signature Theatre.  David is a great contact in the DC area who gave them the rundown of the DC theatre scene.  After their conversation with David, they attended The Flick, the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner, at the Signature.  As the Region VIII Irene Ryan Co-ordinator,Stephanie met with the National Irene Ryan Committee.  She was able to tour several museums in the capitol with her family.  She was immensely proud of Johnny andMorgan in their competition performances.  Of the 10 possible recognitions that are given at the nationals, Johnny and Morgan placed in four of them.  Johnny won the Society of American Fight Directors’ Scholarship to a 3-week intensive at UNC School of the Arts fight certification workshop (flight and workshop fee included).  Johnny was also the runner up for the National Partners of the American Theatre Classical Acting award.  Morgan Gunter, Johnny’s partner, won the Kingsley Colton Award for the Outstanding Partner.  He also won the Mark Twain National Award for Comic Performance.  Both awards come with hefty scholarships.  Congratulations to these outstanding students!


Lindsay Livingston’s TMA 301 (Contemporary Performance Practices) class performed an immersive version of Alice in Wonderland on Friday, April 15 for over 120 audience members. They took over several classroom and performance spaces in the HFAC (as well as some non-performance spaces) and created immersive, site-specific environments and interactive scenes based on Alice’s adventures after she falls down the rabbit hole. In their version, the rabbit hole was the elevator on the north side of the HFAC! Audience members were invited to eat and drink throughout the performance and encouraged to participate in various encounters with the inhabitants of Wonderland, including the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, and the Red Queen. Lindsay said, “We had a terrific time thinking through how the spaces of the HFAC that we all know so well could be reimagined as the marvelous locations from Alice’s imagination.”




Wade Hollinghaus attended the Mormon Scholars in the Humanities conference held on April 8-9 at UVU with an opening night devotional held at BYU on April 7. The theme of the conference was “Secularisms.” For the devotional, Wade arranged for an original song titled “Assuming God” to be performed. The song was composed by Mark Mitchell and written by Johnathan Penny, and performed by vocalist Emily Pulham and pianistDeborah Robertson. On Friday, Wade presented a paper titled “Aesthetics of Zion?” and on Saturday, Erin Kaseda, a theatre minor, presented her paper “Parable as Performance: Theatre, Theology, & Thought.” Wade said those in attendance were very impressed withErin’s work.

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