Department News 04-25-16

Media Arts student Malori Bigler was selected for the Cartoon Network Development Internship, which will begin in early June. Darl Larsen said that the process had several rounds of interviews and lots of competition, and she made it through. If anyone happens to know a place for lodging June-August near Burbank, let them know!


We congratulate all our TMA graduates who received their degrees this past week.  Our graduating class was ably represented in the April Convocation by Elizabeth Lowe,graduating in Theatre Arts Education.  She spoke on “The Power of Communication,” and opened with a drawing done by one of her elementary school students.  Beth rehearsed her journey from being a dancer in The Phantom of the Opera to directing a mask club, and then helping with the lighting in The Count of Monte Cristo.  She described the power of the arts to connect human beings, to create something bigger than ourselves, and to express things that cannot be conveyed through words.   Stephanie Breinholt read the names of all our graduates and Dean Adams and Wade Hollingshaus congratulated them.  We’re proud of our graduating class of 2016!


Theatre Adjunct faculty Nestor Bravo Goldsmith accepted an offer for a full time position at the Department of Theatre and Dance at SUNY Fredonia. Nestor received his Masters in Theatre from BYU in 2007. We would like to thank him for his contribution to our department and wish him luck with his future endeavors!


Megan Sanborn Jones received a contract with University of Michigan Press for her book, Walking with the Dead: Acts of Faith in Mormon Pageant Performance. The final revisions for her book are due in June and it should be out later this year.


Rodger Sorensen has applied for and been granted a professional development leave during summer term when he will be traveling to England to attend theatre performances and other productions in London.  Since one of Rodger’s areas of expertise is directing, he will be attending and studying new forms of theatre making, including experimental, immersive, traditional, and hybrid forms.   Rodger is looking forward to retooling and catching up with new developments in the field of theatre after his many years of administrative service in the department and college.



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