Department News 05-30-16

Here are some of the places that many of the students in the Film London Study Abroad program have visited.
The “Ham House” (supposedly haunted), the Tate Britain Gallery (includes many of Turner’s paintings), Stratford-Upon-Avon, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens, Imperial War Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tower of London, Camden Market, Portobello Road, the National Gallery, Gadfield Elm Chapel, the Cliffs of Dover, Oxford, Brighton, and Windsor Castle.
Many in the group also saw the following films and performances.

They watched the western films Rancho Notorious and The Naked Spur at the British Film Institute, His Girl Friday, the western film Johnny GuitarLa Ceremonie,  Charulata.  The group also saw Florence Foster Jenkins and participated in a Q&A after with the researcher and the screenwriter. They also attended performances of The Frankenstein Ballet and the play Les Blancs, which addressed themes of French and British colonialism that occurred in Africa.


Anther week has come and gone for the Theatre London Study Abroad students. Here isKatie’s report: “This week was travel week for the BYU Theater Students in London. And while we were all already world travelers, now we are well seasoned world travelers! We had regular class Monday morning, and then we were free to go for the rest of the week. Groups of students went all over Ireland, to Wales, Scotland, and Paris! There were also some students that chose to stay in London and go to several shows and events that are a once in a lifetime opportunities. Everyone has been having amazing experiences and there were even some leprechaun sightings. We all returned to London on the evening of May 28th so we could be prepared to attend our assigned wards the next day. Things are going well, and we are excited for the rest of the program!”


On Wednesday, June 1, Barta Heiner leaves for an 18-day theatre tour to New York and Germany, her ancestral home. In New York, she will be attending plays with Tracey Woolley and her former student Slate Holmgren.  She will also will be seeing several more TMA alums in the NY area, including Andrew Joy, Adam DavelineBen Issacs,Mallory Gee, and others.  In Germany, she will be traveling to Berlin, where she will seeMother Courage done by the Berliner Ensemble.  She will travel to Augsburg, where Brecht is from.  She will see Street Scene, an American play by Elmer Rice, with music composed by Kurt Weill, a German composer.  She will see Platonov by Chekhov.  She’s especially looking forward to visiting Dresden and attending the cathedral there that President Uchtdorf referred to in his last conference talk, where there is a special program of religious prayers and organ music.  She will also visit the hometown of her great grandparents, Matin Heiner and Adelgunda Diesel, in Wasungen.  And she’ll visit the castle in Heidelberg, where her brother served part of his mission. Bon Voyage, Barta!  We look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

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