Department News 07-11-16

 Mark your calendars for July 26! Wade Hollinghaus will be the speaker for the University devotional at 11:00 am in the de Jong. Click here for more information.

Summer internship report from Garrett Helgesen: At first, media arts student Garrett Helgesen felt lost when it came to applying for internships in California. However, the LA Connections Meetings and Media Arts alumni helped him feel more confident in application process. In addition to BYU networking, he reached out to others in the industry that he had worked with and applied to 40 internships in the Los Angeles area and was able to land his summer internship at Paramount Pictures. Garrett recommends that students have an updated LinkedIn account, resume, cover letter, and to request letters of recommendation a few weeks in advance since the application process can take a while. He also said that it is important to not be too picky about which internships to apply for, and to apply to multiple areas of the industry. Garrett reports: “Paramount Pictures is known in the industry for having one of the best internship programs by providing students with many great experiences. Though I am not necessarily pursuing a career in archiving, it has still been an incredible opportunity to gain a better understanding of the studio system, how it is constantly changing with new technologies, network with other interns and professionals, and learn from weekly guest speakers in the industry. Not only that, but having recently completed my film history classes, I have been fascinated to learn more from the historians here about Paramount’s story of over 100 years. Working in the archives has also been interesting to have access to artifacts from classic movies such as props from Forest Gump, wardrobe from The Ten Commandments, or film reels from The Godfather and thousands of other movies. All the interns and I have been placed in teams to collaborate on a short film on the Paramount lot over the summer, which is a fun and exciting project to be able to work with students from the best film schools across the country. At the conclusion of the project there is a small festival to screen these films at the Paramount Theater, so it is a great opportunity to network and show my creative skills. Overall, I have had an amazing experience in Hollywood this summer!”

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Mary Farahnakian in partnership with Dawna Baugh, a faculty member in the School of Family Life, recently participated as the faculty directors of the two-week BYU Fashion and Design Seminar in Europe.  The two faculty members were accompanied by their husbands as well as 22 BYU students.  Most of the students were from the School of Family Life program, but there was one student, Elizabeth Ballard, who was from TMA.  The group spent one week in England and five days in Paris.  While in London, the students had a 3-hour tour of the most important fashion district in the world for men’s fashion, Savile Row.  Tailors on Savile Row specialize in made-to-order suits, often handmade, for the likes of Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Michael Jackson, Prince, the King of Emirates, and the Shah of Iran.  The students loved this tour.  They also visited The Victoria & Albert Museum, Kensington Palace, Royal Jewels, the costume shop at the Globe Theatre, and went to the Jane Austen Museum at Bath where they got to try on Regency style clothing. In Paris, they visited the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Academy, one of the top fashion schools in the world, where they were given demonstrations on such things as cutting and draping.  One thing that was very helpful for students was to find out how many internships are available in fashion and design in London and Paris.  Many of the students were motivated to apply for internships now they have seen where they could be working.  Mary says, “It was a lot of work, but trips like this are so helpful for students.”  The student feedback was enthusiastic, with the main suggestion being that the trip needed to be longer!


Bradley and Shawnda Moss recently returned from the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska where over 4,000 Thespians from all over the country and Canada gather for an intense week of theatre (productions, competition, showcases, workshops, etc.).  Here is what Shawnda said about their experience: “Between the two of us we taught twenty (20!) workshop sessions and adjudicated student competitors in two different areas.  We taught both student workshops and teacher workshops further cementing the representation that BYU Theatre is a national participant in the theatre education scene on the secondary level.  We also just completed writing an article that will be published in Teaching Theatre – the theatre educators magazine that the Educational Theatre Association puts out.”  While at the conference Bradley was asked to be brought out to Georgia in February to the Georgia Thespian Festival to teach students and teachers there.  Shawnda is already preparing her workshops for the EDTA conference in September.

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