Department News 09-19-16

The Center for Animation recently released a compilation 2-disc DVD that includes all the award-winning  student produced animation shorts (except this year’s “Papa”), plus several other shorts the Center has worked on over the years, including “The Sheriff’s a Chicken” and “The Lion and the Mouse.”“The Sheriff’s a Chicken” took 11 years to complete and was produced by a team of students, alums and faculty members.  “The Lion and the Mouse” was used as a training ground for students and took 10 years to complete.  The collection includes twenty-four “short films that have won 18 Student Emmys, 5 Student Academy Awards, and have played in the most prestigious Festivals in the World:  Cannes, Siggraph, Annecy, Anima Mundi, and Sundance.  Students who have created these films have gone on to work at Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, Blue Sky, ILM, WETA, and on and on….” (from the back of the DVD cover.)  The DVD will be given to alums and prospective donors.   We congratulate the Center for Animation, Kelly Loosli, Brent Adams, and their team on having such a tremendous record of producing outstanding animation shorts, and of training and placing students in their program.logo


BYU Young Company’s CYRANO is opening this week! The play will take placeSeptember 23-October 8 at 7:00 pm in the Margetts Theatre. BYU News wrote an article that includes an interview with the play’s director, Kris Jennings. She said that the play is “a simple but visually stunning story that will appeal to young and old alike. . .the beauty of Cyrano is that if we were to take away all of the set and the costumes and the lights, the story and the heart of the show still endures.” Read the rest of the article here.  4th Wall Dramaturgy also took an in-depth look at playwright, the scenic design inspiration, and who the real Cyrano was. Click here to read all about it.




 Last Friday, about 80 theatre students, full-time and adjunct faculty members and their families took part in the annual Theatre Opening Social at River Park, near the MPS.Megan Sanborn Jones welcomed everyone. The weather was beautiful, and J-dawgs was a popular fare.  Thanks to all those who were able to attend and brought sides and desserts.  It was great to talk to everyone, meet families, and play volleyball, kickball, Frisbee, and enjoy the giant parachute.  The Student Theatre Association provided graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, and several students stayed past dark roasting marshmallows.   We’re especially appreciative to those wonderful TMA 101 students who picked up the paper goods and drinks at Food-to-go (Maggie Beard and Courtney Moreland), gathered sunflowers for the tables (Rexx Hurley and Emily Bass), and helped clean up (Emma Hansen, Katie Millett, and Lauren Young).  Thanks to Lindsi Neilson and her assistant Maren Loveland for arranging for the J-dawgs.  A lovely time was had by all!



Our condolences to David Morgan whose mother, Sherri Burt Jensen, passed away last Monday morning, September 12, 2016, at the Country Lane Assisted Living Home in Santaquin, Utah. Sherri is survived by her daughter Stephanie Stone, sons David Morgan and Jeffrey Morgan. The funeral services were held on Saturday, September 17 where David spoke and and his daughter, Ondeine Morgan, who is a current TMA student. For full obituary visit





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