Department News 10-03-16

Jeff Parkin and Jared Cardon’s pilot script, La Linea, was selected for the semi-finals for ScreenCraft 2016 from over 1,700 entries! Inspired by true events, La Linea is the story of a quiet Mormon colony in Mexico that becomes embroiled in a bloody standoff with Mexico’s most savage drug cartel when it becomes the target of brutal kidnappings and violence. The colonists are forced to take matters into their own hands, facing the question of how far is too far when it comes to defending your God, community and family? Congratulations to Jeff and Jared.



Last week, three combined auditions were held for Chariots of Fire, Macbeth, and The Crucible. Lindsi Neilson gave us a play-by-play of how the three-way auditions went for these upcoming mainstage shows: “The auditions went very smoothly, thanks to the fact that we had all of the directors and stage managers communicating together to come up with the best processes to keep things organized. For instance, instead of worrying about keeping a list of people directors wanted to call back as the auditioners exited the room, the stage managers had each director mark the papers with different colored markers, enabling the stage managers to look at any paper at any time and know who needed a copy of what. We had over 110 students audition, and we were able to get all auditioners in and out on time while fitting in the “stand-by” auditioners, who had been unable to sign up for a specific slot because they were all full. All in all, I believe it was a great experience for everyone, and look forward to the upcoming callbacks and shows!



This Saturday marks the last day Cyrano will be performed in the Margetts before it continues on its elementary school tour until December 6. UTBA recently posted a positive review of the showincluding praiseworthy comments about the cast and overall design. Darby Turnbow, the author of the review, said, “The run time of this production is only one hour, but the amount the cast is able to accomplish in that short time is splendid. There is such an array of emotions and lessons to be discovered in BYU Young Company’s production of Cyrano. Although this production is geared towards young audiences, this is a production that can be enjoyed by adults, too. Like Cyrano’s nose, you can’t miss it!” Read the rest of the article here. 4th Wall also posted information about the costuming design for Cyrano, including the renderings and explanations from designerLizzi Mickelson, who co-designed the production alongside Cortnie Beatty. Read about it here.



Media Arts student Alexis Romero was accepted to Tomorrow People Organization’s International Conference on Media and Communication 2016. She has been invited to spend three days in Bangkok from December  1 – 3 2016 and to present her paper entitled: “Community Building Through Interactive Gaming.” Congrats, Alexis!



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