Department News 10-10-16

The 2016 National Academy of Television of Arts & Sciences – Rocky Mountain Southwest chapter was held last weekend, and BYU had a good night. Below are some of the awards that TMA faculty, students, and alum received.

    Beehive Stories: Davis County
    KBYU Eleven and Brigham Young University
    Brad Barber
    Kelyn Ikegami
    Ryan Cotten 
    That Old Familiar Spirit
    Hunter Phillips
    That Old Familiar Spirit
    Hunter Phillips
    That Old Familiar Spirit
    Jared Jakins
    That Old Familiar Spirit
    Hunter Phillips 

In addition, the following Media Arts faculty and alumnis were recognized:

  • Courtney Russell was part of the BYU Broadcasting team that won three different awards
  • Nick Dixon’s Mine received an award
  •  Nathan Lee’s Teen Chef Master won four awards
  • Studio C won two awards with media arts alums Scott Swofford and Diane Mayne on the team

For the complete press release, click here.


Last week, the TMA Department hosted Dr. Charlotte Canning from the University of Texas at Austin.  Dr. Canning is the Director of the Oscar G. Brockett Center for Theatre History and Criticism and the head of the Performance as Public Practice MA, MFA, and PhD programs at UT Austin, one of the most respected theatre graduate programs in the nation.  She spoke at the theatre forum last Thursday, giving a broad overview of the process UT went through in restructuring the curriculum for their BA in theatre.  Dr. Canning also met with theatre faculty and discussed similar topics over lunch.  On Friday,Dr. Canning fielded questions from graduate students and seniors who are contemplating graduate school.  Dr. Canning was insightful, engaging, and helped the Theatre Arts Studies area envision some of the potential ways they could reshape the BA curriculum.



Divine Comedy performed their first show of the semester last Friday and Saturday night in the Varsity Theatre.  All four shows were virtually sold out.  The group did a clever spoof of this year’s election using songs from Hamilton,affectionately entitled “Hill-or-Trump, an Election Musical,” which was a huge crowd pleaser.  Other sketch highlights included a parody of Holes, “I Can Fix That,” an American Bandstand parody, “It’s in His Kiss,” and “The Girl from the Book of Mormon Class,” who has somehow gotten every Mormon myth mixed up with shaky Mormon doctrine and confused everyone in her religion class.   The cast and crew had all new pre-show photos that went along with the election year theme. Divine Comedy invites audience members to vote for their favorite sketches this week on their website.  Those sketches with the most votes will be performed again during The Best Of Divine Comedy on December 2&3.  All sketches are written, performed, and directed entirely by students in Divine Comedy, under the direction of faculty liaisonGeorge Nelson, artistic advisor Matt Meese, and company manager, Zach Atherton.



A graduate of our program, Ivy Hutchison, was accepted in The New School’s Media Studies program in their Schools of Public Engagement. The New School is a private research school in New York City. Congrats, Ivy!



This past weekend, Women in Film, a student club under the direction of faculty advisorDean Duncan with student president Emily Bade, held an activity to help their members get to know each other.  One of Emily’s goals is to truly utilize this group as a resource for the department. She envisions Women in Film to be a place where women in the department can make connections, empower one another on sets, and generally support each other. However, in order to accomplish these things, they needed a time and space for getting to know each other, hence the Saturday brunch.  Newer students met with older ones, and mentorship opportunities were discussed, along with various ways to get more involved in the activities of the department. All of this happened organically, over kolaches. The attendance of this event exceeded expectations! Approximately 23 women and 3 men attended.


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