Department News 10-17-16

There is a new faculty vacancy for a one-year, full-time Media Arts Critical Studies position beginning August 2017. The application deadline is November 7, 2016. Download this PDF for more details, and feel free to forward this opportunity to anyone who might be interested.



The BYU Final Cut Film Festival took place over the weekend. Congratulations to the following students and their films who won in the categories indicated:

  • Best Fiction – “No Walk in the Park” Produced by Alexis Romero and Directed by Peter Walton
  • Best Non-Fiction – “When Skies are Blue” Produced by Helen Butcher and directed by Melody Chow
  • Best Commercial – “The Warning” Produced by Andrew Scott James andMichael White, Directed by Jarom Cowan
  • Best Animation – “Love or Something” Film by David S. Heath
  • Audience Favorite – “Coal Minority” Produced by Camlyn Giddins, Directed by Helen Butcher
  • Special Cinematography Award – “Static” Film by Howie Burbidge

To see all the films that entered, click to download the program. Information on the two main judges, Tim Irwin and Jack Allred, is included below.

Tim Irwin attended BYU where he studied sociology with a minor in film. After college, Tim cut his teeth in the professional world by editing several award winning action sports documentaries on professional athletes.  This led to shooting and directing several more actions sports films.  In 2005 Tim finished directing the seminal punk rock documentary “we Jam econo” about San Pedro punk band The Minutemen.  The Film played in 90 theaters worldwide, and had its television premiere on the Sundance Channel.   Since then Tim has been consistently booked as a DP or Director for clients such as Fuel TV, Paramount Pictures, Fox Sports, Rogue Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Johnson and Johnson, Oakley Sunglasses and many more.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-3-40-06-pm

Jack Allred graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and worked as the documentary arts and media studio director for Spy Hop Productions, a non-profit media center for youth. In 2007 he transitioned to the film & TV industry under the mentorship of producers Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush (High School Musicals). Jack has produced, directed, and shot films that have been accepted to many film festivals, including Sundance, Slamdance, Los Angeles, and many more, including awards for Best Picture, Best Editing, & Best Cinematography. His experience spans dozens of feature films and TV shows in the camera and editorial departments. In 2012 he won an Emmy for his work on the groundbreaking TV show The Generations Project. He recently founded the Utah-based film production and rentals company CAMERAJACK.TV, and currently works as Director of Photography and Camera Operator on various film, television, and commercial projects.image001


The College of Fine Arts and Communications’ Honored Alumni this year was Ian Puente, who received his BA in film from BYU, earned a law degree from Columbia, and is currently a senior vice president at EPIX. He also studied Hebrew and Jewish Studies at Oxford University.  Ian spoke to the college at last week’s forum with remarks entitled “Living the Dream, Even When It’s Not So Dreamy.”  In his remarks, Ian talked to his 23-year-old self about what he feels would be important for him to know in retrospect. Here are the main points from his presentation:  1) Tailor your career path to suit your risk tolerance.  2) Cultivate an employable skill or set of skills.  3) Persevere as if you have no other options.  4) Don’t compare yourself to others. 5) Serve, primarily in your own family.  6) Maintain an eternal perspective.  Ian was joined by his wife, Mellissa, an Emmy award winning editor, their four children, and Ian’s mother.  On Friday, Ian met with many media arts faculty members for lunch where they discussed internship possibilities and strategies for media arts students.   Ian was recognized at Homecoming Spectacular and enjoyed riding in the Homecoming Parade on Saturday.


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