Department News 10-24-16

ardoe Theatre.  The Importance of Being Earnest, and the next mainstage show, Travesties, were chosen as companion productions because one script refers heavily to the other. In fact, both productions’ runs overlap on the weekend of November 11 and 12. See the production’s news release here. Click here to check out 4th Wall’s interviews with cast members and for an in-depth look at Victorian Etiquette.



This past Saturday many students from the TMA department, together with the BYU Police, EMS students and the College of Nursing, participated in a Mass Casualty Simulation in the Benson Building. Explosion and chemical burn wound makeups on 100 victims were applied by talented makeup students including: Marnee Porter, Jacey Gardner, Courteney Shipley, Katie Wishart, Jordan Johnson, Ellie Curtis, Cristin Blankenship, Susanne Savage, Colleen Ackerman, Paige Francis and Rachel Bennett. Many other TMA students participated as victims. Thank you again to all who volunteered their time to support the valuable training for the EMS team and the Nurses practicing their skills! A special thanks to the cast and crew of The Importance of Being Earnest and Nosferatu for sharing the makeup studio with us, and a special thanks to Jennine Hollinghaus who oversees BYU’s makeup program and the Mass Causality Simulation volunteers. We invite everyone to plan to participate next semester!


Teresa Love was recently interviewed on Rachel Wadham’s BYU radio program, World’s Awaiting.  Teresa discusses the fun and subtlety of theatre for young audiences, dressing up stories and inviting audiences to play!   She discusses the wonder of puppets, “To get to another part of [children’s] brains where they haven’t been before, that’s brain candy for children!” She encourages her audience to “look for quality” in theatre.  World’s Awaiting introduces Teresa Love “as a drama/theatre specialist for over 30 years. She currently teaches at BYU in the Theatre and Media Arts Department, instructing school teachers about the value of drama in elementary schools. She also teaches a course in storytelling. Love participates as a professional development partner with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Project.” Hear Teresa’s engaging philosophy of theatre for young audiences at the following link:



Doug Ratelle, PhD of Hayden Lake, Idaho, is presenting a series of workshops for Music Dance Theatre students centered on issues regarding Performance Anxiety.  Dr. Ratelle is a clinical psychologist who has worked extensively with veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He has also focused on performance anxiety for athletes and is recently doing research involving performers.  Dr. Ratelle’s four presentations and work assignments for students will conclude the first week of November.  Dr. Ratelle’s son Caleb Ratelle is a Sophomore in the MDT program. Upcoming workshops will take place October 27, and November 3 at ll:00 AM in RB 1137. This is only open to BFA Actors and BFA MDT students.



Currently playing at the Salt Lake Acting Company is Winter, a new play written by award winning playwright Julie Jensen, based on a story by Margaret Pabst Battin, “about a woman whose once-brilliant mind is now diminishing. Her family all have different ideas about what is right for her, meanwhile she’s ready to take matters into her own hands.”  The play co-stars Anne Cullimore Decker and Bob Nelson, a retired TMA faculty member, and will run through Nov. 13.  The production is part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere in which it will be performed at two other partnering theaters, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble (Chicago, IL) and Central Works Theater Company (Berkeley, CA). (For more information on this partnership, visit  For tickets and reviews, go to   An excellent review can be found at  Kudos to our friend and colleague, Bob Nelson. 


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