Department News 11-07-16

Travesties, directed by Megan Sanborn Jones, opens this weekend in the Margetts Theatre and will run November 11 – December 3. The BYU news release features an interview with Megan, where she talks about the connection between Travesties and the Importance of Being Earnest. “We’re doing Travesties in conjunction with our production of The Importance of Being Earnest, which Oscar Wilde called a trivial comedy for serious people. Travesties, on the other hand, is a serious comedy for trivial people. It deals with art, revolution, and responsibility of the people to change the world for the better. These are very serious topics but it’s done in a trivial manner, through singing vaudeville songs, through limericks and through slapstick comedy,” she said. See the rest of the article here. You can also see more inside looks at the production by visiting  4th Wall Dramaturgy.



Thomas Russell’s script, Tin Horn, just won the West Field Screenwriting Award (WFSA) in the Western Genre category. The congratulatory email from WFSA said, “You should be very proud as this was our most competitive season to date!” Here’s a link to the winners’ list  The WFS Awards were created to benefit screenwriters at any level in their careers, judged solely on the content between the title page and the last. Each category is a competition where screenplays are judged based on their creative merit, technical competency, audience appeal and category specific and genre based details. Judged by a panel of professional award winning screenwriters, cinema scholars and movie lovers, the WFSA takes an all angles approach to discovering great scripts. Congratulations on this accomplishment, Tom!



Remember your favorite childhood film, The Prince of Egypt? Us too. And now you have the chance to relive all your favorite scenes and songs, with “The Prince of Provo,” which will take place November 11-12 at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets are available at All Divine Comedy shows are written, acted, and directed by BYU students.



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