Department News 01-30-17

Last week, University Communications reported on the artistic and technical aspects of the costuming in BYU’s Mary Poppins, playing now until February 4th in the de Jong Concert Hall

“After (literally) flying around the stage in tailored suits and bustled dresses, actors and actresses in BYU’s Mary Poppins are given a mere 25 seconds to change into completely different costumes before the next scene begins. Impossible, right? Fortunately, the BYU Costume Shop is used to making the impossible happen — and doing it in style.’The early 1900s was a rather stiff period, actually,’ said Rory Scanlon, BYU theatre and media arts professor and costume designer. ‘Women were in fairly tight dresses and men were in tailored suits, and yet the actors have to be able to dance and roll and leap around the stage.’ And all of the production’s 22 actors and actresses can change costumes in a flash. Cast members will each make at least eight costume changes by the end of the show. Observant audience members will see that color is also used to convey a message about the family, which is the major theme of the play.”

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Last Thursday, Matthew Baldiga, representing the American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.), spoke to about 50 theatre students about the next step in their academic careers—the possibility of going to graduate school.  Adam Houghton hosted Mr. Baldiga, who not only presented the forum, but also conducted a two-hour audition workshop afterwards for about 8 students.  Adam observed, “The students enjoyed working with him and asking questions about his experiences; the workshop gave them an opportunity to present their work for a new teacher and to gain details about how graduate schools might work.”  Baldiga told the students straight-up about the challenges and competition in going to graduate school, but could also talk first-hand from his own experiences — from auditioning for A.C.T. four times to paying for grad school. Based in San Francisco, A.C.T. is a top-tier conservatory training program for acting whose graduates include Annette Bening, Nicholas Cage, Danny Glover, Amy Irving, Anna Deavere Smith, and Denzel Washington, among many others.

Sponsored by the Student Theatre Association (STA), 24-hour Theatre this year brought many theatre and non-theatre majors together to create 5 original shows in 24 hours. Performed this past Saturday, Jan. 28, in the Nelke Theatre, the process started off with the writers on Friday night. Five playwrights had 11 hours to write a 10-minute show, and then Saturday morning all the directors, tech, and actors came together to rehearse all day and perform twice that night. Plays included everything from the side effects of parenting, a poison tree, a love story through time, and even a Shakespeare impersonator. It’s tons of fun to see the progress throughout the day and the opportunity for new friendships and connections among those participating.  Special thanks to students Logan Reusch and Melissa Longhurst from STA who facilitated the event.


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