Department News 02-06-17


George Nelson wanted to thank all those who worked so hard on Mary Poppins, which closed over the weekend.  He has been so gratified by the cards and emails he’s received from patrons who were heartened by the message of the play and were motivated to re-evaluate their own commitment to their families.  The whole team made the show a huge success, Donnette Perkins and the Costume Shop staff (most of the chorus members had seven costume changes!); Rory Scanlon and his assistants Hanna Cutler and Heather Everett on costume designs; Michael Handley’s lighting design and the beautiful photos used in the projections and Kalea Burke his assistant; Ben Unguren who coordinated the projection special effects; Doug Olsen, sound designer, and his assistant Kristin TenneyMichaela Fordham and her assistants, Rachel and Isabelle, who did the wigs and makeup design; Bradlee Hager and her prop crew; Travis Coyne and Ward Wright who did the set and made all the magic happen; Cali Holcombe who was a great stage manager along with her assistants Rebeca Bennett and Lindsey Hebdon and the deck, lights and running crew, and dressers, to Chris Smith and the Symphony Orchestra, and of course, Jennifer Reed who coordinated so many of these elements. George says, “Thanks everyone for all the technical magic you made happen.  To the other directors and choreographers thank you Gayle Lockwood, Becky Wright Phillips and Jenny Giaque-Tingey. Thank you each and every cast member for your physical and spiritual contribution to the project. Finally thanks to all who came to see our labor of love; it made it worth doing.”


Congratulations to producer/director Jeff Parkin and producer Jared Cardon, whose “Ultimate A Cappella Mashup: 25 Hits, 25 Years,” the Vocal Point music video, WON the Best Male Collegiate Video (Acapella Video Award, or AVA) from the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) this past weekend.  CASA is an international organization dedicated to creating a community between singers and fans of contemporary a cappella.  A list of all winners can be found here:

Jeff thanks all those who contributed to the video production, especially all the media arts alums and students, and of course, Vocal Point.

Directed & Produced by: Jeff Parkin
Producer: Jared Cardon
Associate Producer: Babetta Kelly
Choreographer: Nathan Balser
1st A.D.: Babetta Kelly
2nd A.D.: Jase Van Meeteren
Director of Photography: Jacob Schwarz
MoVI Mimic Operator: Sean Slobodan
1st AC: Byron Kirkland
2nd AC: Lauren VanDerWerken
Key Grip/Best Boy Electric: David Thorpe
Jib Operator: Matt Siemers
Grips: Jonny Vance, Aurelia Collins, Aaron Hinton, Brenna Empey, Aranzha Aceves, Wes Bowen
Video DJ: Tess Kelly
Props/Set Builder: Nat Reed
Art Director: Bronte Campbell
Set Decorators: Steven Olson, Cameron Babcock, Brittany Toolson, Elise Moulton
Motion Artist: Nick Ritter
Wardrobe: Madeline Hall
Vocal Point makeup: Michaela Fordham
Production Assistants: Brett Calkins, Nick Ritter, Joshua Campbell, Anna Thalman, Brandon Carraway
Behind the Scenes 2nd Unit Photography: Nick Ritter
Colorist: Jacob Schwarz 


On Thursday, Feb. 9, the Theatre Education Area is hosting Lara Dossett from The University of Texas at Austin Drama for Schools program.  Lara will guide participants through a brief model lesson that focuses on character motivation through role work. This interactive workshop will provide participants with practical drama-based strategies to use in K-12 arts and non-arts classes. Lara specializes in integrating arts into other subject matters. The workshop will be of interest to anyone who would like to work in a school or in the education department at a professional theater company. Since Lara’s focus is on character development, the workshop could also benefit anyone who’s interested in directing as well.  Click here for more information on Lara Dossett and Drama for Schools.



This Thursday, from 4-5 pm in the Nelke Theatre, all TMA faculty and students are invited to a free storytelling session with Donald Davis, a nationally renowned story teller who regularly performs at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.  TMA is a sponsor of the festival and Mr. Davis performs for us in cooperation with the festival.  From Mr. Davis’s website,,  he  “was born in a Southern Appalachian mountain world rich in stories. While he heard many traditional stories about Jack and other heroic characters, he was most attracted to the stories of his own family and places of origin.  Davis begin retelling the stories he heard and then adding his own new stories to them until he was repeatedly asked to ‘tell it again, on purpose.’  During his twenty-five year career as a United Methodist Minister, Davisbegan to use stories more and more.  He was also asked to begin performing at festivals and in other settings until he retired from the church to tell stories full time. The author of eighteen books and more than forty original recordings, Davis is the recipient of both the Circle of Excellence and the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Storytelling Network.”Donald-Davis-2016-Jay-Huron.jpg


The Young Company production of Macbeth opens this Friday, February 8th. This production is geared towards elementary school audiences. Dramaturg, Jessa Cunningham, reports that the director, Teresa Dayley Love, decided to make drumming and puppetry integral elements in the show. Many members of the cast will take turns drumming during the show, so Teresa brought in drum consultant Nes Andersen to do some workshops. In addition, certain characters will be played by puppets, so the cast was fortunate to workshop their puppetry with the guest artists from The Last Great Hunt who visited in connection with Off the MapThis was a great opportunity for the cast as they explored the new world of puppetry and applied it to those certain characters. macbeth-1140x600-1024x539-1024x539.jpg



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