Department News 02-13-17



This week, twenty-six students (or very recent graduates) and nine faculty members will travel to Mesa, Arizona, to participate in the 49th Annual Region VIII Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF).  Faculty mentors include Stephanie Breinholt (who also serves as the Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions Coordinator), Shelley Graham (Dramaturgy),Wade Hollingshaus, Adam Houghton, David Morgan, George Nelson (playwriting), Jennifer Reed (stage management), Rodger Sorensen (respondent’s workshop), and Dennis Wright (design-tech).   We congratulate all those participating in KCACTF this year, and send best wishes to all to “Break a Leg!”  Participating students include the following.

Jacob Bair, Soren Barker, Mariah Bowles, Madison Dennis, Ben Featherstone, Meg Flinders, Sariah Hopkin, Spencer Hunsicker, Peter Lambert, Stephen Moore, Taft Robinson, and Joseph Swain

Juliette Lewis, Sarah Stewart, Marnee Porter, Rachel Bowerbank, Bradlee Hager, and Alex Winder

Rick Curtiss

Brittni Henretty

Stage Management
Cali Holcombe, Julianne Francisco, Jake Fullmer, and Susan Kupferer


We congratulate Kyle Stapley on his new appointment to the Staff/Admin Funding Committee for the college for the term of three years.  Kyle has been a full-time employee in TMA for the past 6 years, contributing significantly to the department, media arts program, and support for all things technical.  He also earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration last year.  Kudos to Kyle and the department for this recognition.



Alumni News

Jenn Chandler (Theatre Education graduate in 2013) received an MA from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts last year and is currently originating the role of the female banker in the 2nd National Tour of Once.    Her bio in connection with the show can be found here.


Darick Pead (BFA 2013) was just nominated for a 2017 Helen Hayes Award for the Outstanding Performer in a Visiting Production for his role in Into the Woods at the Kennedy Center.   Helen Hayes Awards recognize excellence in professional theatre in the Washington DC area since 1983.  Winners will be announced on May 15.  A list of all nominations can be found on the Washington Post.   Darick’s bio in connection with Into the Woods can be found here.



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