Department News 05-22-17

The 2017 Writer’s Conference that took place this past weekend was a huge success, with over 90 students in attendance! A full report and photos of the event will be in next week’s Sound & Fury.

Adam Houghton just finished a successful performance in A Number where he played three at the Colman Theatre, College of St. Benedict in St. Cloud, MN.  Although the production had been mounted before, he and his collaborator, Tom Darnall, used a very unusual method of rehearsal since they were thousands of miles apart.  The St. Cloud Times wrote about their rehearsal process, which was on the front page (theatre getting more coverage than hockey!).  “Long-distance castmates prove there is ‘A Number’ of ways to make theater”  Read the full article here.

ST. JOSEPH — When Tom Darnall and Adam Houghton sit down for rehearsal, the typical preparation is involved. They look over their scripts — a blue and white bound copy of English playwright Caryl Churchill’s A Number — to ensure they have memorized their lines; they grab a sip of water and take a moment of quiet preparation to get into character. Then, they log on to their computers. Darnall sits at the desk in his home office in St. Cloud while Houghton signs on from Provo, Utah, where he teaches at Brigham Young University. Though separated by over 1,200 miles, the pair meet regularly online by virtue of a video conferencing service called Zoom to rehearse.



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