Department News 06-26-17

There are currently five student capstones in post-production this summer.  Watch for these films in the Final Cut Film Festival this fall.

  • Brooklyn Too,” directed by Cameron Babcock, produced by Garrett Helgesen. Synopsis: With the help of her imaginary friend, Brooklyn, a seven-year-old girl searches for a job to help her single mother.
  • I Love my Robot Boyfriend,” directed by Sariah May, produced by Elise Moulton. Synopsis: A talented teen scientist creates the perfect boyfriend . . . or maybe not so perfect . . .
  • Maggie,” directed by Lindsay Kampenhout, produced by Dhane Taylor. Synopsis: A new mother struggles to help her imaginative 9-year-old step daughter give up a beloved doll that has caused her to be bullied and socially isolated.
  • Pyramid Dream,” (non-fiction), directed by Emma Meurs, produced by McKinley Stauffer. Synopsis:  Utah is home to the most Multi-Level Marketing companies in the United States per capita. Pyramid Dream focuses on three women with aspirations of making millions, achieving ‘Princess’ status, and receiving luxurious all-expense paid vacations, all through selling lipstick. These women quickly find a sisterhood of support within their MLM community, though finding fulfillment while striving to make a profit proves more difficult than anticipated as Multi-Level Marketing only allows for a select few to succeed.
  • Socorro,” directed by Marshall Davis, produced by Colton Elzey.  Synopsis: Juan Diego suffers a loss of faith after his wife passes away due to a congenital heart disease. When his daughter develops the same disease, he goes in a final plea for help and prays to the Virgin Guadalupe to heal his suffering daughter.

This year’s Final Cut Film Festival will take place October 20-21, 7:00 & 9:00pm in the Pardoe Theatre.

Final Cut Film Fest Square Logo


The High School Musical Theatre, Design and Tech, and Sketch Comedy Workshops are starting today, Monday, June 26, and will run through Friday, July 7.  Seventy-five high school students are attending the musical theatre workshop this year.  The final performance will be a concert version of Les Miserables on Friday, July 7, in the Pardoe Theatre, starting at 6 pm. David Morgan will direct Les Mis, with Jennifer Reed as the assistant director, Skye and Ben Cummins serving as the music and choreography directors, and Michael Kraczek is overseeing and mentoring the design and tech support for the production as the camp for design/tech students.  This is David Morgan’s 15th year directing the camp, the 13th year for Ben Cummins, and the 15th year for Skye, his wife.  This is the third year for the Sketch Comedy Workshop. The workshop, with 22 participants, will have its showcase on the same evening, Friday, July 7, at 7 pm in the Nelke.  The Sketch Comedy Camp is being headed up by Kenny Baldwin and Bryson Frehner, who serve respectively as Divine Comedy’s artistic director and production manager.  Much appreciation to all those who contribute to these workshops, particularly to Emily Barrett, from conferences and workshops, who oversees all the logistics.




This past week, Shelly Graham, Janine Sobeck Knighton, and student Katie Hyatt attended the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) Conference.  The theme of the conference was Arts, Access, and Activism, and was held in Berkley, California, at the Ed Roberts campus, a facility named for the famous activist for disabled persons.  As Shelley takes over dramaturgy responsibilities in TMA, this was the first time she had attended the conference for about 15 years.  Things had changed significantly, and even Janine saw the level of activism upped several notches at this year’s conference.  Shelley says, “We felt very motivated to see ways in which we could encourage dramaturgy classes to incorporate inclusive practices.  This was an eye-opening experience for all of us.  We learned the value of being careful in our language.” The conference encouraged an environment that promoted access for absolutely everyone. This included creating a sensory friendly environment, which urged participants to not wear perfumes, deodorants, and wash clothes in unscented detergents.



Congratulations to BYU’s Center for Animation which teamed up with computer science students to create NokBak, a video game that was nominated as a finalist in E3’s College Game Competition. E3 is the world’s premiere trade show for computer and video games and related products.  This is the third BYU-created game to be nominated as a finalist in the past five years, since the game competition began.  For more information on the game, click here. To download and play Nokbak, click here.





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