Department News 02-26-18

The 17th annual LDS Film Festival takes place this week, February 26 – March 3.  Originally started by media arts alum Christian Vuissa, the festival is now run by media arts alum Kels Goodman and is hosted at the Scera Shellthe festival is hosted at the Scera Shell.  Many films made by current media arts students and alums will be shown, including the following. Click here to find out when these are playing

  • Not Cinderella’s Type, directed by Brian Brough
  • Fiction capstone, “Maggie,” written and directed by Lindsay Kampenhaut, produced by Dhane Taylor
  • Fiction capstone, “Hey Brooklyn,” written and directed by Cameron Babcock, produced by Garrett Helgesen
  • “Simon Simmons,” by Kaden Watson and Skyler Sorensen
  • What Am I Doing” by Taylor Davis (shown in Final Cut)
  • Beauty and the Beast Medley/Vocal Point, directed and produced by Jeff Parkin and edited and produced by Jared Cardon
  • Fiction capstone, “I Love My Robot Boyfriend!,” written and directed by Sariah May, and produced by Elise Moulton
  • Here’s Brother Brigham, directed by Ken Cromar
  • Out of the Ground,” written and directed by Barrett Burgen, produced by Garrett Helgesen
  • Fiction capstone, “Socorro,” written and directed by Marshal Davis, produced by Colton Elzey
  • Ruling of the Heart, directed by Brian Brough
  • Thorn, Thank You for Coming,” written and directed by Matthew Siemers, produced by Jennifer Baker
  • “Arthur Weatherby,” directed by Steven Olson and produced by Anna and Dent Thalman
  • Non-fiction capstone, “Risky Business,” directed by Taylor Lewis and produced by Catherine Pearce
  • Non-fiction capstone, “Pyramid Dream,” directed by Emma Meures and produced by McKinley Stauffer Haas
  • Instrument of War, directed by Adam Anderegg
  • The Man in the Camo Jacket,  directed by Russ Kendall

BYU’s Theatre Education area hosted a Theatre in our Schools (TIOS) mini-conference on Saturday, Feb. 17, with the theme of creating “Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Artistry.”  Chaired by Julia Ashworth, the conference coordinating committee included John Newman (UVU), Teresa Love, Rebeca Wallin, and Alexis Truitt. The conference was sponsored in part by the parent organization, American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE). Forty-eight people attended with student and faculty participants from BYU and UVU, as well as a few educators from around the state.  Visiting guest Roxanne Schroeder-Arce gave the keynote address and later led the participants in an interactive workshop (see photos below).  Scenes from playwright Johanna H. Kraus’s play, Tamales and Roses, which will be UVU’s touring show directed by Teresa Love, were presented.  Afterwards, everyone enjoyed lunch together and then attended a performance of Romeo y Julieta. The conference wrapped up with a short talk-back with the cast of Romeo y Julieta and then a discussion led by Julia Ashworth about ways to provide more inclusive theatre in our schools. For more information about the conference guests and presenters and to see a program, click here.

Rough Cut, a film festival open to any student-created film, screened last Thursday, Feb. 15, in the Varsity Theatre, sponsored by the Student Film Association.  The festival is like an open-mic night for film, where students are encouraged to share their work to get audience feedback. Seventeen films were submitted and screened to an audience of about 60 in the Varsity Theatre. There were lots of laughs at the film, Ham House Feeling, which was shot in London on the 2016 London Film Study Abroad with special cameos from Tom and Courtney Russell and Jeff and Jana Parkin. You can see that 3-minute film here.

More KCACTF! We inadvertently left off three awards last week. In the Dramaturgy and Directing areas of the Region VIII Festival:

– Honorable mention in dramaturgy: Rachelle Sutton
– Finalist in directing: Mariah Eames
– Faculty member George Nelson received the directing award for the ten-minute play festival.

The three students that will return to the national competition in Washington D.C. this spring will be Bradley Mackay and his partner, Malia Mackay (Region 8 Representatives for the Irene Ryan Scholarship Awards), and Susan Kupferer (Lighting Design).

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