Department News 04-16-18

Three TMA students participated in the KCACTF National Festival last week.  Bradley Mackay (BFA Acting) and his partner and wife Malia Mackay (MDT) participated in the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship national audition and the Acting Fellowship.  Susan Kupferer participated in the Lighting Design Fellowship. The week was busy for the students and they spent full days with their cohorts in workshops, round tables, and sharing in collaborations brought to the Kennedy Center from all over the country.  Friday night, Bradley and Malia performed in the Terrace Theater at the Kennedy Center as part of the national Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Audition.  Our students represented TMA and BYU well! At the end of the evening, Bradley was awarded the alternate (2nd place) award for the National Partners for the American Theatre National Classical Acting Award, 2nd place for the Society of American Fight Directors award (and a scholarship to attend their summer fellowship), and he won the Margolis Fellowship––a full scholarship to the 3-week New York voice and movement, and collaboration with directors, actors, and other theatre makers.  Both Stephanie Brienholt and Adam Houghton accompanied the students to the national festival.  Stephanie met with members of the national committee to prepare for her upcoming appointment as KCACTF Region VIII Co-Vice Chair (beginning in February 2019).

Tom Russell and Kyle Stapley both attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Conference in Las Vegas earlier this week to research new technologies and software.  While Tom approached the conference as a film maker, Kyle was looking for new equipment, technologies, and software for the Media Arts Lab.  Last year’s conference seemed to highlight Virtual Reality technologies, this year’s conference seemed to focus on HDR, not necessarily any new technologies, but refinements of existing ones. Tom appreciated that there are now more options for certain kinds of high quality film making at affordable prices, film making systems that are becoming more integrated and can even bypass laptops, and better camera stabilization systems.  Kyle and Tom met with groups from Panasonic, Avid, Canon, Tilta, Boling, and Quasar Laboratories. They also attended presentations from some of our media arts alums. Jacob Schwarz and Sam Bilodeau both presented with Panasonic about their new Lumix Gh5s camera and HDR technologies. Ryan Little and Adam Anderegg also presented with LaCie Tech about the use of Drones for episodic TV.  Alum Devin Graham was working with Glidecam.  In fact, we were pleased to see that Glidecam now offers a stabilization system called “The Devin Graham Signature Series,” because of his well-known Supertramp Youtube channel with over 4 million subscribers.   Both Tom and Kyle felt the highlight of the conference was reconnecting with media arts alums.


Student and Alumni News

Recent media arts graduate Dhane Taylor (Dec. 2017) was just accepted into Columbia University’s Creative Producing MFA Program, one of the top graduate film programs in the world.  While at BYU, Dhane helped produce media for Divine Comedy and was the producer for the capstone project Maggie.  From Columbia’s website: “The Film MFA Program in Creative Producing is a three-year program that takes advantage of Columbia’s unique geography at the center of the independent film world, with the mission of creating the next generation of producers. …Students share a common first year with students in the Screenwriting/Directing MFA program, reflecting the faculty’s belief that the best training for producers includes work in all of these disciplines.” ( )

Dhane Taylorpng.png





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