Department News 04-23-18

Last week, Wade Hollingshaus announced that Kyle Stapley was offered and accepted the Media Arts Administrator position. Kyle will begin the new position on May 1. Kyle has made wonderful contributions to TMA, and we are confident that he will continue to add much more. Wade thanks those who served on the search committee: Brad Barber, Jeff Parkin, Kelly Bready, Mark Ammons (School of Music), and Darl Larsen (committee chair), with Lindsi Neilson providing administrative assistance. This was not an easy decision, since there were some very qualified candidates. We are appreciative of the committee members’ thought and care throughout the search, and thank all those who participated in the process, whose questions and feedback were helpful as the committee moved forward with this decision.

Kyle Stapley

Kyle Stapley

Kelly Loosli and three students are on the Portuguese island of Madeira working on Kelly’s film this week. They got up early one morning to film the sunrise. Noah Allen and Paige Caldwell are animation students, and Brooklyn Walker is an illustration student.

Tom Lefler, who is retiring from BYU after 35 years, was honored at the Media Arts Student Celebration by all the media arts faculty, staff and students.  Associate Dean Amy Jensen voiced heartfelt appreciation for Tom’s service.  Media arts students and faculty all revealed T-shirts and big buttons with a cartoon of Tom’s likeness on them as they stood and applauded him.  In addition, he was presented with a book of thank you notes and a quilt made of department T-shirts from many past years.  Tom’s wife, Laura, and his two oldest sons, Adrian and Brian were also in attendance.  Thanks to Kyle Stapley for organizing Tom’s thank you as well as the student celebration.  During the celebration, media arts faculty gave away over $19,000 in scholarship awards, and afterwards, everyone enjoyed lunch in the Margetts.

Vera Hinckley Mayhew Screenwriting Contest
Television Spec Script Category
1st  Place – Kaden WatsonMorty Alone
2nd  Place – Tabitha Brower ~What Fresh Hell?

Feature Length Script Category
1st  Place – Barrett BurginTabula Rasa
2nd  Place – Nicole Wilson ~ Untitled

Short Film Script Category
1st  Place – Eleanor Biggs Don’t
2nd  Place – Weber Griffiths ~ Our Enemy

Aperture Media Journal Awards
New Media Category: Elena Bender ~ Open Up Your Ribs and Let Them In
Essay Category: Kaily Goodro ~ Movement in Paprika and Baudry’s Apparatus Theory
Screenplay:  Taylor Davis ~ Dr. Shrink Meets Bigfoot

Excellence in Media Arts Fiction: Aurelia Berryhill, Howie Burbidge, Brendan Decicio, Jeff Hein, Jose Luis Callejas Manzo (Pepé), Cody Mondale, Juan Rodriguez,  Jordan Saltmarsh, Abbie Vance

Excellence in Media Arts Non-Fiction: Sydney Flora, Emma Meurs, Erik Naumann, Taylor Tiave

Excellence in Media Arts Critical Studies: Kaily Goodro, Rachel Lewyer, Celene Anderson Mitchell, Matt Taggart, Grace Taylor

Excellence in Media Arts Writing: Tabitha Brower, Max Dearden, Grant Gomm, Daniel Schindler

TAs: Jaye Abhau, Colton Elzey, Cassidy Featherstone, Kaily Goodro, Weber Griffiths, Sam Haskin, Liam Isaack, Oscar Jimenez, Mariah Johnson, Max Johnson, Marely Lee, Emma Lynn, Jose Luis Callejas Manzo (Pepé), Zach Miller, Grace Taylor, Kyler Sommner, Kaden Watson

MAL: Stephanie Bogdan, Aurelia Collins, Taylor Davis, Mitchell Dunn, Oscar Jimenez, Mariah Johnson, Dallin Penrod, Jenna Rassmusen, Jared Richardson, Jordan Saltmarsh, Nathan Tanner, Christena Taylor

Outstanding TMA Office Employees: Kristen Dahl and Maddie Jones
Nominees: Emma Lynn, Catherine Pearce, Taylor Tiave

Media Arts Outstanding Student Award ($1250 each): Emma Lynn, Michelle Gioglio, Peter Totten, Kaden Watson

Later in the afternoon, the Theatre Student Celebration took place in the Nelke. Theatre faculty gave these students over $12,000 in awards. The awards are listed below. After the student awards, we  honored retiring faculty member Rodger SorensenHaley Flanders Anderson, adjunct faculty, and recent graduate of TMA’s Masters’ program, researched and presented a PowerPoint that spanned the decades of Rodger’s amazing career (to view the PowerPoint created by Haley in honor of Rodger, click here).  Chair Wade Hollingshaus presented Rodger with a crystal clock and a book of over 100 thank you notes from alumni and current students.  Rodger then got up and gave his wife, Claudia, all the credit for his success!  (forever modest, Rodger!) After the tribute, the group of over 100 moved into the Margetts for a Nicoitalia pizza feast with a soda bar.  Many thanks to Lindsi Neilson and Maddie Jones for organizing the awards celebration!

Outstanding Theatre Critical Studies Students: Greta Gebhard and Amelia Johnson

Outstanding Stage Management Students: Jake Fullmer, Christina Hernandez, MK Park

Outstanding Dramaturgy Student: Greta Gebhard

Outstanding Dramaturgy Student Lobby Display Award: Pollyanna Eyler

Outstanding Dramaturgy Student Study Guide Award: Amelia Johnson

Outstanding Dramaturgical Research Award: Richelle Sutton

Vera Hinckley Mayhew Playwriting Award
Outstanding Full-length Play: Teagan Clark
Best Premise for a One Act Play: Mari Molen
Outstanding 10 Minute Play: Susanna BeZooyen, Mariah Eames, Katelyn Naegle, Mandarin Wilcox

Outstanding Playwriting Student Award: Teagan Clark

Outstanding Working Playwright: Amelia Johnson and Lauren Young

Oustanding Student in Costume Design: Hanna Cutler Christensen

Oustanding Student in Makeup and Hair Design: Sarah Bult

Outstanding Student in Lighting Design: Susan Kupferer

Outstanding Student in Sound Design: Matthew Kupferer

O. Lee Walker Awards
Outstanding Costume and Properties Crafts Technician: Timo Elliott
Outstanding Makeup and Hair Technician: Arianna Krenk

Outstanding Directing Student Award – Fall: Meredith Campbell ~ The Little Prince, Rebecca McDonnell ~ Corpse Bride, Taylor Stroupe ~ One Dark Night

Outstanding Directing Student Award – Winter: Mariah Eames ~ Nell Gwynn, Daniel Fifield ~ William Shakespeare Star Wars, Verily a New Hope, Andrew Smith ~ The Last Firefly

Outstanding Theatre Education Student: Jana Wilhite

Outstanding Acting Student Award: Madison Haws

Outstanding Student: Amelia Johnson

Outstanding Student Finalists: Jacob Baird, Soren Barker, Andrew Justvig, Madison Hall, Jana Wilhite

Student News

Media arts graduate Cameron Babcock (2017) was accepted to USC’s master’s program.  Bronté Campbell Babcock (2016) was accepted to American Film Institute’s (AFI) graduate program. Congratulations to this husband and wife team who will continue their education careers in southern California.
cameron babcock

About 80 theatre students gathered in the Nelke theatre on Reading Day, to solve the “Murder in the HFAC,” and ate a delicious brunch.  Sponsored by the Student Theatre Association (STA), the students gave their own tributes to Rodger Sorensen (scores of selfies they had taken with him over this past year) and figured out that the “brother,” Soren Barker had murdered the bride (Lindsi Neilson).  Dennis Wright is the faculty advisor of the STA.  Officers of the club include Cameron Cox, Melissa Longhurst, Jacob Pierce, and Arianna Krenk.

Murder at the HFAC wedding invite

The Student Film Association hosted a “Student Screening Soiree” the evening of Wednesday, April 18 in F-201. It was a chance for Media Arts students to display their talents to their classmates and ask for feedback in a fun, friendly, non-judgmental, last-day-of-school, celebratory kind of way. To submit, films were required to be 20 minutes or less and meet the standards of the TMA Creation and Viewing Policy as well as the BYU Honor Code. About 25 students, friends, and spouses were able to kick back and relax with their film buddies before finals began. It was also the last chance to spend time together before some students graduate and head to other film meccas (LA, NY, ATL, etc.). After the evening started off with a prayer and a dinner of JDawgs, a total of 24 films (ranging from three to ten minutes) were screened.  Many students submitted their creative sample from their Media Arts application or work from TMA classes, although there were a few which were personal projects made outside of school. The finale was three collaborative films made by the TMA 384R classes of Producing for a Script (taught by Jennie Brown), Shooting for a Script (taught by Katie Hill), and Sound Acquisition (taught by Bryan Densley; formerly taught by Travis Allen). From Winter 2018, La Horchata No Es Vegana; Winter 2017, Safe & Sound; and Winter 2016, Spit Take. These films each involved a large number of students, many of who were in attendance, and viewing them gave these students the opportunity to share their positive experiences in these classes with the other, newer, students. All in all, the evening lasted about two hours and was enjoyed by those in attendance.  Thanks to Michelle Gioglio who spear-headed this event.

SCFL Student Soiree.png







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