Casting Call 2018: Kenneth Cope’s New Musical “Son of Man” – Photo Shoot

Kenneth Cope is producing the premiere cast recording of his newest musical “Son of Man” about the life of Jesus Christ. We are casting for models to portray the characters in the album art and promotional materials. We are looking for individuals who resemble the people of Jerusalem at the time of Christ, including men with long hair and beards.

Application Deadline: June 15, 2018

All characters should resemble the people of ancient Israel. (ie Middle Eastern/Mediterranean looking)

  • Jesus: male; 30s; long hair and beard
  • Young Teenage Jesus: male; 12-15 yrs old or looks it; long hair
  • Young Boy Jesus: male; 3-6 yrs old; long hair
  • Baby Jesus: baby with dark hair born in the first couple of weeks of June
  • Young John the Beloved: male; 20s; long hair; beard optional
  • Older John the Beloved: male; 50s; long hair and beard
  • Older Judah (fictional character): male; 60s; long hair and beard
  • Angel Gabriel: male; 30s; long hair; beard optional
  • Mary Magdalene: female; early 30s; long dark hair

Application due Friday, June 15th
Shoot is 2-3 days the week of July 4th. Those cast will most likely only be needed one day.

TBD Wasatch Front; applicants must be able to work as a local

$200/day + 15% agency fee, if applicable

Follow this link to fill out an application form and submit CURRENT photos.

Please direct any questions to or

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