Department News 06-11-18

Scott Christopherson’s film, The Insufferable Groo, shows on the last day of the Sheffield Film Festival, Tuesday, June 12, at 3:15 pm, in their top venue, Showroom Cinema One.  Scott and the Groos are attending the festival, which closes tomorrow.  Though the film is not part of the competition, it is an official selection of the festival, and the world premiere of the doc.  Here are some related articles about the doc:

As part of her research, last month Kimball Jensen met with the coordinator and director of the Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Havana, Cuba and learned about their unique history working with countries across Latin America to promote a culture of Latin American film and provide support for community filmmaking. Kimball toured their headquarters and discussed their current work with digital filmmaking and new media, including a recent roundtable the Fundacion hosted about the benefits and challenges of the democratization of filmmaking through platforms such as YouTube.   Later that week, Kimball also went to one of the projects of the Fundacion, the International School of Film and Television to tour their facilities and met with the head of their new media program.

For the past 10 years, the theatre education area has sponsored “Lunch & Learns,” workshops that include activities that enrich young audience members’ experiences with the production, along with simple lunches.  Each workshop is facilitated by teaching artists.  This year’s teaching artists include faculty member Julia Ashworth and theatre education students Paige Fletcher and Courtney Miller.  For the workshops in connection with Anne of Green Gables, audience members will use their imaginations to visit new places and have incredible experiences, much like Anne does with her own imagination. Audience members will also get an inside look on the show and have the chance to meet some of the actors before the play begins.  Four Lunch and Learn sessions are being held this year to coincide with all but one matinee.  We allow 50 people (parents and children) to attend each session, and this year they sold-out several weeks in advance, mainly due to past attendees and word of mouth advertising.  Additionally, the Provo Library handed out bookmarks advertising the event, thanks to BYU’s spring show partnership with the library. We love getting families to explore themes of our TYA shows together in fun and interactive ways!  This is a great opportunity for students learning to be teaching artists as well.

Film London Study Abroad, contributed by Mariah Johnson:  Having all returned exhausted and happy from our excursion last weekend (most of the students went to Scotland, though some stayed in the London area and did fun things here, including the London Comic Con), Sunday was mostly just a day of recuperating and getting rested.  On Monday we visited Kew Gardens, and everyone was just absolutely thrilled to wander around in gardens for a day. People meandered, napped, sat in the shade, and enjoyed the sauna-like Victorian greenhouse full of tropical plants. In the evening, we saw a 70mm print of The Sound of Music at the BFI, which everyone enjoyed immensely. Most students hadn’t seen it since they were kids or had never seen it at all, so it was a treat to get to see the classic with new, adult eyes, and in such a gorgeous format.

On Tuesday, it rained heavily as we made our way to the Churchill War Rooms, and everyone arrived soaked. We learned about Winston Churchill and saw the war rooms preserved as they were during WWII. In the evening we watched Medium Cool at the BFI, which was thought-provoking and interesting.  Wednesday was a shopping day (maybe it was a day meant for us to ponder on the worldliness and consumption of consumerism, but all it said on the schedule was several stores to visit, and the students took that to mean–shopping! 😀 ) and Kensington Palace. After learning all about Queen Victoria and her life and reign, which is a main focus of Kensington Palace, a lot of the students got together on their own that night and watched The Young Victoria just for fun. Thursday was a low-key day, with only the Leighton House on the docket. It was beautiful, however, and there was plenty there, most notably the Arabic tapestries on the walls and the deep blue tile everywhere. After the Leighton House, a big group of students went just for fun to see a 70mm print of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was playing for its 50th anniversary. It was magnificent and blew us away!  Students left feeling awed and humbled by what an amazing work that film is; seeing it in 70mm was an incredible treat. Friday was a homework catch-up day, which was very much needed!

Saturday was the Courtauld Gallery, which had lots of important pieces of art to see. Many students, however, were more interested in the film set we happened upon outside the gallery, which had at least 3 high-end Panavision cameras (we weren’t close enough to see what model) and a massive crane. We got to stand there for a bit, quietly observing set operations. Upon being asked, someone said it was “an American drama, we’re not sure what it’s called.” We think they know what it was called and just wouldn’t tell us. But it was really fun to see! In the evening we went to see Cleo at the BFI.




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