Department News 07-09-18

The last weekend of June was the Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York, held at Columbia University. The mission of the Mormon Arts Center is “to display and perform Mormon art in New York City and elsewhere; to publish scholarship and criticism about Mormon art to reach a wider public; and to establish a comprehensive archive of Mormon Arts, 1830 to the present.”  TMA had many of alums attend and several of them and our faculty presented, including the following.  For more information about the festival events, go to

  • Media arts alum Randy Astle, has written a book funded by the Mormon Arts Center, called Mormon Cinema, from the beginning to 1952.  Randy was available for book signing and gave a presentation about his book.
  • Jeff Parkin  participated in a panel on “What Every Latter-day Saint Should Know About Mormon Art,” which included Sarah Eden, Jeanette Ensley (granddaughter of Minerva Teichert), and Kevin Giddins, moderated by Jennifer Darger.  Each presenter took 10 minutes to give his/her perspective on the topic.  Kevin’s presentation included a song from his wife and two daughters, one of which is also a media arts graduate, Cammlyn Giddins.  Jeff’s presentation encouraged Mormon artists to support each other in order to develop a community of artists. He used the examples of Brandon Flowers, artist Clane Graves, and NY Doll Arthur Kane as artists who embrace(d) their Mormon faith.
  • Kelly Loosli participated in a panel on “Mormon Animation,” that also included animation graduates Tyler Carter (Blue Sky Studios) and Emron Grover (Pixar), Kelly Loosli (BYU).
  • Music faculty member Scott Holden performed a concert of works by Mormon composers at Carnegie Hall on Friday evening.

jeff parkin presenting at mormon arts center festival

Jeff Parkin presenting at the Mormon Arts Center Festival on Friday evening in the Italian Academy at Columbia University.

Kelly Loosli (BYU), Tyler Carter (Blue Sky Studios), and Emron Grover (Pixar).

Stephen Nelson (non-fiction alum) just got his MFA from Northwestern University.  You may remember that as an undergraduate here at BYU, Stephen worked on the doc “6 Till Engaged,” chronicling his efforts to find a fiancé.

stephen nelson 6 till engaged


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