Spring Writing Workshops with UW

We all teach writing to one degree or another. This summer, University Writing offers two opportunities to help you get better at it:  

1. On May 18 & 19 we will offer six 50-minute Zoom workshops on effective methods in writing instruction. Participants will receive $50 (either in research money for full-time employees or supplemental salary for adjuncts). Please go here to register. *Adjuncts must be teaching in either Spring or Summer term.

2. Each summer you’re invited to read and discuss one book about teaching writing. This year’s selection is Provocations of Virtue, Notre Dame professor John Duffy’s book on how to teach ethics to college writing students. There will be a Zoom meeting for about an hour once a month from June–August to discuss Duffy’s work. Please email the University Writing secretaries at univ-writing@byu.edu to register for the summer reading group. The first 15 will get a free copy of the book.  

International Workshop with NIPAI

At New International Performing Arts Institute, students can spend three weeks in Hungary this Summer, immersed in an intensive course where they’ll learn to perform, direct, analyze plays, build rehearsals and training under the artistic direction of Sergei and Gennadiy Ostrenko. The 3-Week Physical Theatre and Directing workshop provides students with a strong foundation of acting and directing skills, with a specific focus on Russian theatre school in the interpretation of Ostrenko Brothers. For more information, visit their website

Backstage | Auditions, Casting Calls, Jobs, Talent Seeking, Advice

Backstage is a casting company that works to bring you opportunities in your area and online. To get the most current opportunities, visit their website.

Some opportunities currently include an original digital play, an immersive aural experience reminiscent of the radio plays of the 1930’s, and even availabilities as waiters/waitresses at a musical restaurant!