I am looking for 4 females (30’s – 60’s) and a boy (7-9) for a short film that will be shot over a 2 day period between October 19th and the 23rd.  Two roles are only a day shoot.   Please read the logline and character descriptions below.  If you are interested then please go to to read script, fill out and submit your audition.  All experience levels considered.

THE MEDICINE GOES DOWN – Character Descriptions And Logline

LOGLINE: A recent divorcee and her struggling young son reconnect over her favorite kid’s film, Mary Poppins. But the mom’s desire to shield her son from the harsh realities of life through the movie has unexpected results.

MARY (mid 30’s) – Sweat as honey and cute as a button – she’s like a little munchkin. Even when she is trying to be stern, it’s hard to take her seriously. She has a hard time really speaking ill of anyone. She has an idealistic viewpoint and was very imaginative when growing up.

JACOB (7-9) – Son of Mary. Currently depressed due to father leaving. And now he has to go to public school so his mom can work. He’s got A.D.D. and a huge imagination.

JANE (early 40’s) – Mary’s older half sister. She’s down to earth and not as idealistic or sweet as Mary. She loves to tease her sister, but not in a mean way – it’s all in fun.

DESTINY (mid 30’s) – Best friend to Mary. Where Mary is sweet and idealistic, Destiny is sassy and realistic. She gets her job done and then enjoys life. She loves to flirt, and date, and knows how to bring on the sexy. She’s not as enamored with the idea of marriage as Mary is.

MRS. JOHNSON (50’s -60’s) – Always put together and looking ready to face the world. She doesn’t seem to have a silly side. But we find out differently in the movie.

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Covey Center Presents: WAR OF THE WORLDS



Here at the Covey Center for the Arts, we recognize that many teachers in your field require students to see a performance for regular or extra credit (or just for fun!). This October from the 5th to the 28th we will have an original play, “War of the Worlds” written by David Hanson, playing in our Brinton Black Box Theatre. It is directed by Ben Hopkin and Chelsea Hickman.

War of the Worlds is the first play to come out of the Covey Center’s New Play Development series, which is a playwriting lab fostering and developing new work here in the Utah Valley. As part of the writing lab, the script was work shopped by a small group including writers, actors, directors, and a dramaturge. The workshop culminated in a staged reading of the play in December 2016. Writer Dave Hanson then made a few additional changes and its premier production will take place October 2017 in the Brinton Black Box at the Covey.

The play tells the story of the arrogant, yet brilliantly creative, Orson Welles and his collaborators at CBS as they produced the now infamous broadcast. Recreating moments from the notorious radio drama, including live Foley (sound effects) on stage, the cast also recreates the drama behind the scenes.

Even though there were no real Martians or heat rays or crash-landed spaceships that fateful evening in the fall of 1938, the fear was real. For some, it was the fear of the unknown that Saturday evening, and for a select few, it was the fear of getting fired the next day. A little fear and a little fun make War of the Worlds at the Covey the perfect October production!

If there is a class that you would like to share this with, we invite you to come join us sometime during the run, especially opening night when tickets will be $7.  Our regular student prices are $14, and if they use the code LASER no matter what night they purchase tickets for, they will receive an additional $2 off.

If you would like more info please feel free to contact Nicole Graham: 801-852-7010. We hope to see you there. Tickets are available online at or visiting or calling the box office, 801-852-7007.

CINDY Awards: International Entry Deadline

Nearly 58 years ago, OSCAR was being presented for the finest in feature films.  The EMMY Award continued to honor broadcasting program excellence.  The CINDY Award was presented for the first time to those producing informational content in 16mm film format.

When the Cinema in Industry (CINDY) Awards premiered in 1959, things were pretty straight forward.  But today, there are multiple delivery platforms and even more subject matter categories and applications for informational programming.  From webinars, infomercials and video games to online interactive training, commercials and phone apps, you can still find an appropriate spot at the CINDY Awards where your digital media production efforts fit right in.

If you craft words, images, sound effects and music into digital content that captures audience attention and delivers the desired outcome, there is room for your work at the CINDY Awards.  For information: on why you should participate this year and discover who has received the award in the past, click:



This month’s issue of AcademicKeys’ e-Flier for Fine Arts features 38 faculty openings, 8 senior administrative positions, and 3 post-doc opportunities and links to hundreds more positions in higher education.

This AcademicKeys e-Flier contains higher education positions in:
– Fine Arts – General
– Art History
– Art – Ceramics
– Art – Painting/Drawing
– and other related areas

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Submissions Now Open: 2018 National Playwrights Conference


The deadline to be considered for Summer 2018 is October 13, 2017.

The National Playwrights Conference is led by Artistic Director Wendy C. Goldberg. The Conference supports playwrights during the creation and development of new play projects. Authors of the selected works will be awarded a residency for the month of July 2018, including an intensive rehearsal process and two staged, script-in-hand public readings. A stipend, housing, meals, and transportation are provided for each writer selected for this month-long residency.

2018 National Playwrights Conference Submission Details

  • Applicants may submit scripts through the O’Neill’s Open Submissions Process Wednesday, September 13, 2017 through Friday, October 13, 2017
  • Early submissions are strongly encouraged
  • Plays of any length or genre are eligible; however, to be included in the Conference, the work must remain unproduced through July 31, 2018
  • No agent is required
  • Both electronic and hard copy applications are accepted
  • The submission fee is $35 USD and covers the costs of the process

For more information, visit


Auditions for A Christmas Carol will be held, by appointment only, September 18th & 19th.
These auditions will be held at Hale Studio located at 537 N. 1200 W. in Orem.
All roles, with the exception of Ebenezer Scrooge, are available.
Adults (Ages 16+) may schedule appointments for September 18th or 19th from 7:00pm-9:00pm.
Adults auditioning should prepare to sing 16 bars of a classic musical theater song.  They will also be asked to do a cold read in a standard British accent.  An accompanist will be provided. Headshots and resumes are encouraged.
As a reminder, all auditions are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance through our Box Office (801-226-8600).
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out the appropriate paperwork before your audition time.
Callbacks, by invitation only, are scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd (for non-choir roles) and Monday, September 25th (for choir roles).
A Christmas Carol will be directed by Jerry Elison, with music direction by Sonja Sperling and choreography by Jayne Luke.
Anyone who is unable to attend the initial audition may submit an audition form and video. Please send your video along with a headshot, resume, and your audition form to no later than September 17th to be considered for callbacks. You may download the audition form HERE.
Note: This production is not to be confused with the production of A Christmas Carol-Youth Edition. Information for the youth production is available HERE.

For full ad and cast list visit






An original script adapted from Hans Christian Anderson’s story of the same name: by Ashley Magoffin and Ting Chun.

WHEN: September 14th and 15th 6-8pm, 7-9pm.


What: Please prepare a 1-minute dramatic monologue and be prepared to move.

-Callbacks will be held by invitation only on Saturday, September 16th from 7-9pm in B201, HFAC.

-The performance will be Thursday, November 9th at 1, 2, and 4pm. Excused absence forms will be provided if need be.

-If you have questions email the Director at

Global Connections Grants



Global Connections encourages reciprocity and cultural exchange throughout the world by supporting the unrestricted travel and projects of professionals working in all aspects of theatre. Recipients may use the funds to pursue theatre-based activities abroad or to host international colleagues within the U.S.

The grants are offered through two separate initiatives:

ON the ROAD travel grants will award six grants of up to $5,000 each, per cycle, to foster new relationships with international colleagues that will inspire each other’s work and aesthetics by creating opportunities for cultural exchange. This initiative is open to a broad range of theatre professionals from artists to administrators to those in production areas.

IN the LAB project development grants will award five grants of $10,000 each, per cycle, to further preexisting international collaborations by supporting residencies that either advance the research and development of a theatre piece or explore elements leading up to a full production. Projects do not need to result in a final mainstage production.

ON the ROAD grants are not prerequisites for the IN the LAB initiative. Previous recipients in this program are not eligible to apply in consecutive cycles.
Apply Now via the Online Application Portal!