Department News

Music Dance Theatre (MDT) faculty attended the Musical Theatre Educator’s Alliance (MTEA) national conference at NYU last week.  TMA professor Tim Threlfall presented during a panel discussion on the subject of finding balance/harmony in professional and personal lives.  Dance Associate Chair Nathan Balser, who serves on the Board of Directors of the organization presented the recently re-written by-laws to the membership. School of Music MDT faculty Gayle Lockwood and Korianne Johnson also attended as well as senior MDT student Channing WeirChanning attended the conference through funds provided by a gift from Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth and Fulton Funds via TMA.

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Thirteen make-up students and adjunct faculty members – Jennine Hollingshaus and Heather Jones – attended the annual International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in Los Angeles this past weekend.  The huge event is open for vendors and artists alike to make connections and become aware of new products and techniques and take part in classes and demos by award winning makeup artists. Students who attended included Colleen Ackerman, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Bennett, Paige Francis, Denyce Hawk, Rachel Hughes, Ashley Magoffin, Madison Miller, Shannon Newbold, Lindsey Sampson, and Courtney Shipley. Here are some first-hand accounts from a few students who went down.

Denyce Hawk shared that, “IMATS was a great chance for me to see how the makeup industry functions outside of Utah.”

Madison Miller said, “I loved listening to the makeup artists that worked on Black Panther because they talked about all the pieces they did, how they were inspired, and how they would sometimes work on something, and the day before they used it, the director scrapped it. It was reassuring to me that these professionals had some of the same things to work through as I did, but on a much higher level. Overall it was a really good experience and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to be a professional makeup artist or designer.”

Shannon Newbold thought the show was “wonderful and amazing. There were so many demonstrations, panels, and interviews from people at the forefront of the industry. It was wonderful to learn about mixing color, breaking into the business, and using products in inventive ways.”

Colleen Ackerman reported that, “The show was an incredible experience that help me network and learn beyond the classroom setting.”


Alumni News

Alumnus from BYU’s Center for Animation, Michael Schroeder, is pictured holding the Golden Globe Sony won for the Spiderverse film (notice the spider on his jacket!).  The second photo also includes an alum from Illustration, Brooklyn Brand Walker, who works at Sony as well. Brooklyn is doing an apprenticeship in character design. Michael Schroeder is now an After FX expert for the story and post group at Sony. Matt Davis, a grad of our media arts program, is the Post Supervisor for the film, Michael’s boss. There are a number of BYU alums working at Sony up in Vancouver.






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