Department News

Congratulations to Dennis Wright who has passed his third year review and is now a candidate for continuing faculty status. For his three examples of creative work as a costume designer, Dennis included designs for the BYU productions of Chariots of Fire and Into the Woods, and the Sundance production of Oklahoma! Dennis has been a faculty member in TMA since 2016. He recently designed over 400 costumes for the China Spectacular which returned last month from the largest tour BYU has ever produced. TMA is grateful to count Dennis as one of our newest faculty members and looks forward to serving with him for many years to come.


Benjamin Thevenin is continuing his “Movies as Mirrors” podcasts, aided by recent grad Max Johnson. There are now 10 episodes posted. In the most recent podcast, Benjamin interviews media arts alum Alexis Romero WalkerAlexis, who is currently in a PhdD program, discusses The Shape of Water and how the film speaks to her. Each week, Benjamin and his guest discuss a movie chosen by the guest that reflects their experience being a part of a marginalized community. Benjamin says, “Our hope is that through our conversations, we can use pop culture to learn more about each other, and about pressing social issues, so we can be better and make the world better in some small way.” You can check out the podcasts on SpotifyApple or Google podcasts. Benjamin would love to hear what you think!


Alumni News

Michelle Gioglio, who graduated from media arts in April 2018 with an emphasis in sound design, has been hired full-time as the Department Secretary in the School of Technology. Her mornings will be in the Snell Building, and she’ll spend the afternoons in the Crabtree. Her first day is today! Michelle worked on the sound for “The Surface” (2015), Lovestruck! The Musical (2015), and “Conflicted Felons” (2016).

Michelle Gioglio

1 thought on “Department News

  1. Thank you.
    This is a wonderful TMA weekly report.
    I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this great event.
    I want to congratulate Sharon for her success and all her care and love for her students and colleagues. Love.

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