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You can already order it on Amazon but you won’t be able to get it in hardback until Feb. 1, 2018.  Darl Larsen’s most recent book, A Book about the Film Monty Python’s Life of Brian: All the References from Assyrians to Zeffirelli is in press, but not quite in print.  Amazon states, “By closely examining each scene, this book explores the Pythons’ comparisons of the Roman and British Empires and of Pilate and Margaret Thatcher. In addition, Larsen helps to situate Life of Brian in the “Jesus” re-examination of the postwar period, while also taking a close look at the terror groups of first-century Judea and the modern world. A Book about the Film Monty Python’s Life of Brian will appeal to scholars of history, film, British culture, and pop culture, as well as to the many fans of this iconic group.” This Wednesday, September 20, Darl will be the guest of well-known interviewer Doug Fabrizio, to discuss his forthcoming book.



The Tessera, a game for the National Science Foundation on which Jeff Parkin was Co-Creative Director and Co-Writer, has been accepted into IndieCade: The International Festival of Independent Games. This year, the festival will be held Oct. 6-8, 2017, at the Japanese American National Museum in the Little Tokyo District of Downtown Los Angeles. From IndieCade’s press release about the festival, it is “[a]pplauded as the ‘Sundance of the videogame industry,’ IndieCade supports independent game development globally through a series of international events highlighting the rich, diverse, artistic and culturally significant contributions of indie game developers. IndieCade’s programs are designed to bring visibility to and facilitate the production of new works within the emerging independent game community. The IndieCade Festival is the largest gathering of independent game creators in the nation.” Media Arts alumnus Jared Cardon was the Co-Creative Director, Co-Writer and Art Director. Media Arts students Nick Ritter and Wes Bowen worked on the game extensively, and BFA Acting student Collette Astle played the role of Aida Lovelace, the first computer programmer.  The Game Trailer can be found here.  The IndieCade press release is available here.



BYU’s Divine Comedy conducted auditions for the group last week.  There were about 70 auditions over two nights.  Of these, eighteen made it to call-backs, and eight made it to the finalist audition show last Saturday night in the Tanner Building.  There were some amazing auditions, but in the end, four new Divine Comedians were chosen, from left to right below, Parker Kelly (Advertising in Communications), Julianne Cook (Graphic Design Pre-major), Becca Hurley (Economics), and Kayla Peel Yentes (Pre-Acting)Adjunct faculty member Bryson Frehner, the company manager said that, “The girls crushed it this year!  Overall, the girls were much funnier, more unique and stronger than the boys, which happens to be reflected by who made it in the group.”  Divine Comedy’s first show will be on Oct. 13 &14 in 151 Tanner Building.





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