Department Notices

Faculty Access to Digital Theatre Plus
Myrna Layton, who is the Performing Arts Librarian at the HBLL, has arranged for TMA faculty to access Digital Theatre Plus, a service that “collaborates with renowned academics and theatre practitioners” to provide videos of top notch performances for academic theatre study.  How to access the service is explained below, and we encourage our faculty to use this to see if we want to continue the service.  If you have difficulty in accessing the service, feel free contact Myrna Layton at 422.4334 or

  • The HBLL subscription to Digital Theatre Plus (the first year is considered a trial) is set up so we can track usage and see how much the service is used. You can find it on the databases list in the library catalog, and it is there ready for use. It is #13 on this list: Faculty should go in through the library portal so it will recognize your BYU affiliation.  If you are off campus but still enter through the library portal, it should ask for your net ID and password, and then you are good to go.
  • Another way, which may or may not be easier, is from the Theatre Research Guide.  It is located under the Theatre Productions Tab:


Convocation Participation
As our college prepares for another happy graduation season, here is a reminder regarding convocation participation. In order to retain the meaning and dignity of the event and appropriately recognize the students who have qualified for graduation, our college has adopted the following stance:

University policy states that, “Under the direction of the college deans, requests for early walk through are reviewed and, if appropriate, approved. Requests are made through the College Advisement Centers. In general, students should not be approved to walk earlier than one semester (or two terms) prior to completion of degree requirements.”

In an effort to comply with this policy, our college will only approve early walk requests as follows:

  • If graduating in June, students may walk early in the previous April ceremonies
  • If graduating in August, students may walk early in the previous April ceremonies
  • If graduating in December, students may walk early in the previous August ceremonies

If students do qualify for early walk participation according to those guidelines, the advisement center reviews the following information with them:


Your name will not appear in print in the Commencement or Convocation programs at this time; however, if you are graduating in:

  • December, your name will appear in the April program
  • June, your name will appear in the August program

Please be reminded of this important information. Even with the three planned April convocation sessions, we could be bursting at the seams with potentially:

  • 162 December 2016 graduates,
  • 354 April 2017 applicants to date (with some late applications expected),
  • 69 April 2017 walk-across requests to date (with many more legitimate requests expected), and
  • Student guests (we request that they be conservative and considerate in limiting their invitations to ~5).

Thank you for supporting our efforts and preparations related to convocation!


Winter 2017 Deadlines

Most of these can be found

  • on the CFAC website under Resources>Faculty Resources>Faculty Funding
  • on the CFAC SharePoint Calendar–deadline dates are hyperlinked

Below are the due dates,  and some have the hyperlinks to the website/application:

March 1:  General Education Matching Funds (for Spring/Summer 2017—other deadlines apply for Fall and also Winter semester) for the development or improvement of General Education courses.  Travel to professional meetings dealing with teaching and learning are included.
March 15:  Charles Redd Center Grants The Redd Center promotes the study of the Intermountain West by offering grants to faculty and students in their research.  In addition, the Center assists organizations who are sponsoring exhibits and lectures on the Intermountain West.
March 15:   Professional Development / Research and Creative Activities Funding (under CFAC SharePoint)
March 15:  NEW!  Staff Professional Development funding available.  Applications will be assessed by the faculty funding committee.  Application details will be forthcoming.
March 22:  Oscarson student applications due online
March 31: Annual Stewardship Interview letters from chair to faculty members due to Dean’s Office
April 1:   Kennedy Center International Travel Grants (for July–Dec travel)


TMA Faculty:

Every year, TMA sets aside Fulton funds that TMA faculty can request. Typically, these funds are used for professional development and research/creative work—though there may also be other approved uses. We have quite a bit of money left in each of the two funds (Media and Theatre), and we have one month left in the calendar year. So, if you will be incurring expenses this month (even if it is for travel that will be occurring early next year), you could apply for these funds.

To apply:

1) The faculty member sends a budget and descriptive paragraph to his/her area head.
2) The area head adds feedback/approval and forwards the application to the Executive Committee.
3) The EC reviews the application and, if approves, forwards it to the respective faculty (Theatre or Media).
4) The faculty weigh in and approve or not.

The sooner you get your applications to your area head, the better. The holidays are upon us.



ArtSearch Login Instructions.


The 32” monitors in the Pardoe Greenroom (D-145) are actually the confidence video monitors for the Pardoe theater and should not be used for classroom presentations. If you need a screen and projector for classes taught in that room, please call OIT to arrange for the delivery of these items when you need them.  You can also arrange for them for the whole semester at one time.  OIT’s number is 2-4000.


Brigham Young University utilizes a large number of chemicals for academic purposes.  Many regulatory agencies oversee the use of these chemicals and BYU has demonstrated a commitment to compliance and safety.  We have established and continuously improve processes for chemical procurement, inventory, use, and disposal.  As an initiative to improve the accuracy of our chemical inventory and insure proper handling during distribution, BYU is implementing a new process for chemical receipt and distribution. All chemicals used in our academic research and teaching endeavors will now be delivered to a centralized location adjacent to the Chemistry Stockroom where they will be entered into our inventory and barcoded. These functions will be performed by employees supervised by the Chemistry Stockroom.  Upon delivery to the centralized location, the chemical procurer will be notified promptly of the arrival.  Trained personnel will then be able to pick up their ordered chemicals. More details, and specific training relating to this process, is now available on Y Train.  The training course is titled “Academic Chemical Receipt and Distribution”.  Further notifications to complete this training may come through the Y train system.  Colleges and departments may also conduct or request in-person training as necessary or suitable.  Thank you for your assistance in helping to ensure our use of chemicals remains compliant and safe.


For the 2016-17 season, complimentary tickets will no longer be restricted to the first week of the production. This includes people involved in the production on the comp list (cast/crew/designers), TMA faculty, and TMA majors (who pay $2). Instead, TMA faculty and staff will be able to get their comps to any performance during the run of the show. The TMA majors and people involved in the production on the comp list for each individual production will be able to attend any performance during the run except for the final Friday and Saturday.


The travel office has updated the per diem and mileage reimbursement rates for 2016. The rates are based on government per diem recommendations. Click to see rate schedule. Also, the Travel office has asked that any person attending a Conference in 2016 that is paid for with BYU travel funds, attach a copy of the conference agenda to their travel expense report. Please plan accordingly, and either print one from the conference website, or bring a copy home with you. The agenda should only be a few pages, not a huge document sent to each participant. If you have any questions, call the business office.


Hello Faculty:

If you could forward these instructions to any faculty, TAs, or secretaries who are making purchases on Amazon, that would be awesome. Below are instructions on getting appropriate Amazon receipts.

So, we are continually getting pushed on Amazon receipts not having enough transaction detail. What the receipt needs to be is the invoice for the purchase. Here are some instructions to get the receipt that we need for Amazon purchases:

  1. log on to your Amazon account
  2. in the upper right corner where it says “Your Account”, hover your mouse and, on the drop down menu, click “Your Orders”
  3. The page you are taken to here summarizes your orders in a given time frame. Look for the order you need a receipt for
  4. Once you found the order, you will see a hyperlink near the top-right corner of that order called “Invoice.” Click on that
  5. The resulting screen is an acceptable Amazon receipt
More Funding for Study Abroad Programs
The Executive Committee has decided to raise the amount of scholarship money that TMA will provide for its students attending either the Media or Theatre study abroad program next year. Our previous commitment was $1000 for a TMA student; for 2016, this will be $1500. We are hoping that the higher scholarship will continue in perpetuity, but we won’t know until we can sit down with Kelly (the new Thaylene) and get a clearer sense of how much goes unspent from our Fulton funds each year. We hope that this increase helps in the recruitment efforts.

Dear Faculty,

To help us track and standardize the requests for Theatre and Media Arts Faculty Fulton funds (NOT the area funding, but faculty requests outside the area endowments), the Executive Committee has created a simple form for faculty to fill out.  The form is found here:, under the Faculty Application tab.  There is a rolling deadline, so you can use this form whenever you have a request.
Here is the process:
  1. Fill out the form and get your area head’s approval (he/she signs the form).
  2. Send the form to the EC (usually through Elizabeth) for their approval.
  3. If the request is approved, Elizabeth or Kyle will send it out to the faculty on the appropriate side of the department for their votes of support or non-support.
  4. If a majority of the faculty supports the request, Elizabeth or Kyle will give the funding form to Lindsi (and copy the Business Office) who will track these.  Lindsi will work with the Business Office to release the funding to the applicant.
We will require all faculty to fill this out and get their area head’s approval before the EC will give approval for it to be distributed to either Theatre or Media Arts faculty members.
Students must select and delcare a major by the time they have 60 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits). Once a student has 75 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major, unless special permission is granted. Download the College of Fine Arts and Communication Process for Implementing the University’s 60/75 Policy to learn more.


Visiting Scholar Funding
Funding is now available to the departments for Visiting Scholars visits.  The amount that is available per department is up to $2500 in Travel and up to $2500 in Supplies for the entire 2015 year. The awarding of these funds is similar to the past.  An application is needed from your department stating the following:

  1. Name of Visiting Scholar and dates for the visit
  2. Affiliation and background/expertise of Visiting Scholar (why nominated)
  3. Projection of costs for their visit
  4. Amount of Travel $
  5. Amount of Supplies $
  6. Proposed events for the visiting scholar(lectures, master classes, mentoring, etc.)
  7. How will this visit enrich student and faculty learning? How many students and faculty will be involved?

Please send the requests to Rebecca Ott at  When they receive these requests, the Deans will decide on disbursements.


The Faculty Advisory Council would like to share a brief update on recent accomplishments and upcoming proposals.

Moving allowance increase. New faculty are receiving a larger moving allowance because in 2013 a FAC committee recognized the outdated amount.  When the administration was made aware of the issue, they responded promptly to confirm the problem and increase the allowance.

Home page research tab. Thanks to a FAC proposal, the BYU home page now has a Research tab to acknowledge and announce scholarly work.  The FAC is not responsible for the content posted there, but we can help make improvements.  Take a look and share with your FAC representative suggestions for making the page more complete and useful.

BYU shuttle and student parking fee. Starting Fall 2015, The Ryde will offer free shuttle service to students and faculty.  To encourage alternative transportation, students also will be charged a parking fee, $60 per semester, with three free lots on the campus perimeter.  For years, the FAC has researched and proposed parking changes, including this one, to encourage pedestrian safety, ease traffic congestion, and enhance air quality.

 Faculty parking reminder. On a related note, the FAC requests that faculty follow these guidelines for family members parking on campus.  Faculty/Staff dependent parking:  children of an employee may park only in “Y” parking lots. Faculty/Staff spouse parking: spouses may park in “Y” parking lots, or they may park in Visitor lots upon showing their BYU ID to the booth officer.  Please remind dependents and spouses not to park in “A” lots.

FAC committees already have several proposals underway for 2014-2015 including one requiring department expectations documents for faculty rank and status advancement.


Please remind your departments/faculty that are mentoring research with students.  This is a good opportunity for a “dry-run” prior to any conferences they might attend later in the year.  The fee for presenting students and their mentors will be covered by BYU.Submissions through  Click on the BYU logo to begin the process.  We currently have 10 students registered. We have chartered a bus to take students/faculty to Dixie State University in St. George.  (Leaving at 4:00am and arriving back at BYU at approximately 10:00pm, Friday, February 27, 2015).  There is no cost for the bus.

Academic Keys – Job Offerings
To view new professional jobs offerings, visit

Two Tools for Email Spam Filtering
Getting the right emails through the BYU spam filters just got easier with the introduction of a second spam-filter-management tool. Employees using Outlook now have access to two OIT-provided tools to easily search for messages that are being held in quarantine by the spam filter.

  • This new filter search tool allows you to do a keyword search to find messages that might have been incorrectly identified as spam and release them to your inbox. You can also create rules to permanently block or allow messages from a specific account or domain.
  • This tool allows you to see a list of all the emails that have been identified as spam and release them to your inbox or continue to block. This tool will also allow you to permanently block or allow messages from a specific account or domain.

These filter tools are part of OIT’s ongoing efforts to keep spam out of your inbox and to protect the university from viruses and other malicious attacks.

Scholarly and Creative Work Grants for 2015
These grants are intended to encourage and support scholarly and creative work by full-time BYU Faculty in a CFS-track position. Click here to view the grants and the application information.

Student Consulting on Teaching
Who: Trained student consultants offer confidential feedback to faculty
What: A program to provide faculty with student perspectives
When: Anytime that BYU classes are taught
Where: BYU classrooms and all over campus
Why: To enhance teaching and learning at BYU
Learn more at

University Writing Resources
Attached is information about a number of opportunities available to faculty members to help improve student writing. Click to download University Writing Resources.
HBLL’s Theatre, Media Arts & Communications Changes
Julie Williamsen, HBLL’s Theatre, Media Arts & Communications librarian, will be on leave for Fall 2014. In the past she has worked closely with TMA faculty to purchase library materials and has provided classroom and one-on-one instruction for students. Fortunately, the library has a remarkable group of librarians in its Humanities Department that will fulfill these duties during Julie’s leave. For collection purchases, please contact Chris Ramsey ( Mary Chapman (, our Humanities Reference and Instruction Specialist, can assist with more advanced research and class instruction in theatre and film studies. Additional requests for class instruction, contact Elizabeth Smart ( continue to have student reference employees at the Help Desk on level 5 who can help with basic research questions and assignments for classes in your department. I will forward a list of HBLL’s Humanities Department librarian office hours for students to consult for additional one-on-one research assistance. Research help is also available online through existing research guides ( We look forward to working with you in this new academic year, especially since it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Accountable Plan
The new reporting requirements are part of what the Internal Revenue Service entitles its Accountable Plan Rules. Click here to download the Accountable Plan. Please take the time to read this policy paying particular attention to the “60 Days” note at the bottom of the sheet. Each department/division has a well-trained business manager that can assist you in completing this approving and reporting process.

Grade Submission FAQS
Click here to download Grade Submission FAQS. If you still have questions, call the register’s office at 801-422-6567.

New Recommended Wording for Students on Your Future Syllabi
If you suspect or are aware that you have a disability, you are strongly encouraged to contact them University Accessibility Center (UAC) located at 2170 WSC (801-422-2767) as soon as possible. A disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Examples include vision or hearing impairments, physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, emotional disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety), learning disorders, and attention disorders (e.g., ADHD). When registering with the UAC, the disability will be evaluated and eligible students will receive assistance in obtaining reasonable University approved accommodations.

Students in Crisis
A recurring theme in our visits to departments on campus is how faculty and staff recognize and assist students who may be in emotional or psychological crisis.  The Faculty Advisory Council has prepared a document to provide guidance in addressing these situations.  We express appreciation to the FAC for their work on the document, and are pleased to make it available with our endorsement.  Please click to download the BYU Faculty and Staff Guide for Students in Crisis.

Updates to Learning Suite and Agilix Grades
There have been updates for Learning Suite and Agilix grades. Please download the Learning Suite and AIM Class Rolls comparison and the BYU Grades vs Agilix Grades comparison.

Grade Change Guru
Online grade changes can be made by the instructor by going to the grade roll for the course and using the left column to select the students needing a grade change.  After checking the box next to the student (or “Select All” to change all the grade), click “Change Grades.” Then follow the directions.

Helping Distressed Students with BYU’s Counseling and Psychological Services
BYU’s Counseling and Psychological Services has information available for helping distressed students. Click here to download more information. This information will be available at by the end of the month.

Please complete the following assignments as soon as possible if you have not already done so:

1.       Please let us know what your travel requests are for the coming year. The TMA secretaries will send you a copy of your travel requests from last year for a point of reference.
2.       Please update your CV and upload it to the faculty profile system. The link to the faculty profile system is in the work menu of your mybyu account.

Online Grade Changes
Faculty can now make grade changes online. This will be done through their AIM grade roles (GRADE01). Only those listed as primary, team, or supervisor in the instructor field in AIM will have access to make a grade change. Deans, department chairs, and the Associate Dean Grades (UCC member) will be able to change grades for their academic units. Department secretaries, teaching assistants and grade assistants, grade contacts, and grade monitors will NOT have access to make these changes. For more information, go to or call 2-6567.

Copies and Print Jobs
Dear Faculty: We are always more than willing to make copies and print jobs for you. However, the office rule is that we can only copy/print off 100 SHEETS of paper for you per job.  This rule applies whether we are the ones making the copies or you are the one doing so.  In order for you to get your copies prepared in a timely manner, please be considerate of this.  If a copy job will take up more than 100 sheets of paper we will need to send it to the ASB copy center.  If you give us a day’s notice, we are able to get this done for you and have it ready to be picked up in the office when you need it.  Thanks so much for your help with this.

BYU IT Training
You can schedule an IT Training with the Office of Information Technology for your class to help your students with software skills. Trainings available include Endnote citation manager and Word 2013 for research papers, PowerPoint Basic, Excel Advanced, InDesign Basic, and Qualtrics Basic. These training classes are free and can be scheduled during class time or outside of it. Visit for more information. To schedule a training session, please call 801-422-4000 or email

Fire Alarm Guidelines
1. If time permits and your safety is not jeopardized, close your windows and doors as you leave.
2. Walk or crawl (if there is smoke) to the nearest exit.
3. Do not go back into the building until a fire officer, police officer, or building authority says it is safe to do so.

GradWorks Online with BYU Print & Mail: Your academic work printed and bound on demand! BYU Print and Mail now offers GradWorks Online for professional printing of theses, dissertations, or any other special project, paper or work. We are on of the premier university printers in the country, making us uniquely qualified to print and bind your valuable work. Visit or call 801-422-1469 if you have any questions.

The 4th Wall: The dramaturgy program is thrilled to introduce The 4th WALL: The TMA dramaturgy project. The 4th WALL is a website dedicated to providing insider access to the theatrical productions at Brigham Young University. Whether it is insights from the rehearsal room, interesting historical information, interviews with the production team or more, the BYU dramaturgs are working to break down that 4th WALL. Go to to see more!

Film Website: Visit often for department news, internships, jobs, and other pertinent information for BYU Media Arts students.

Get Media Arts Announcements on your phone: Text “follow BYUMediaArts” to 40404 for important updates from the Media Arts Department.


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