BYU POLICY: Automobile Rentals

Automobile Rentals

The university reimburses the cost of a rented automobile when suitable or less expensive local transportation is unavailable or when routing and time factors make it more advantageous than taxi or other ground transportation. Travelers should only use a rental vehicle when it is not possible or practical to use a university vehicle.

The university’s primary car rental suppliers are National, Hertz and Enterprise. Use of these companies’ contracts results in discounts off normal rates, complete insurance coverage, lower age requirements, and good vehicle availability both on and off airports nationwide.

Personnel should rent mid-size vehicles. In exceptional cases, the university will reimburse the use of larger vehicles (for example, several travelers in one vehicle, equipment transported, etc.). Travelers should refuel the rental car before returning it to avoid the high cost of gasoline at the rental agency.

When traveling internationally, travelers should purchase all available insurance.  International travelers can seek reimbursement for additional insurance purchased.  When traveling domestically, personnel should decline any additional insurance coverage that desk agents may offer. Domestic travelers will not receive reimbursement for additional insurance coverage purchased. The university’s corporate insurance policy combined with vendor car rental contract terms and conditions covers domestic insurance for personnel. In case of an accident, contact the car rental agency and the Risk Management and Safety office at 801422-4468.

Privately Owned Vehicles
Travelers should abide by the University Travel Policy with regard to use of personal vehicles while in travel status.  Reimbursement for mileage will be at the IRS approved mileage rate and can be claimed on a Travel Expense Report under the Personal Vehicle section.

There is no reimbursement for the cost of repairs, maintenance, damages or towing charges associated with a personal vehicle as these expenses are considered included in the IRS mileage rate.

*Please note the preferred rental car companies, and that the car should be filled up before returning it. (There is an expensive surcharge if the rental car company refuels the vehicle, and therefore it is against the BYU travel policy).